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Topics included in the January 4, 2002 issue:

* Amendment of Unclassified Annual Leave Payment at Retirement
* New Area Code Change for the 316 Region

Amendment of Unclassified Annual Leave Payment at Retirement
The Kansas Board of Regents amended the KBOR policy manual to state that unclassified employees retiring from a Kansas Board of Regents educational institution may receive payment for up to 240 hours of annual leave. This was effective November 15, 2001.

The remainder of the policy concerning termination of employment, other than for retirement, remains unchanged. That is, an unclassified employee terminating employment or changing their appointment from twelve-month to a position of less than twelve months, may receive payment for up to 176 hours of annual leave.

Questions should be addressed to Joe Younger, Division of Human Resources at (785) 532-6277.

New Area Code Change for the 316 Region
Effective November 3, 2001 a two-way split divides the existing 316 area code into two area codes. The current 316 area code will continue to be used for the Wichita area and surrounding communities - including Halstead, Newton, White Water, Mount Hope, Valley Center, Colwich, Bentley, Kechi, Andale, Garden Plain, Cheney, Goddard, Derby, Mulvane, Rose Hill, Andover, Benton, Towanda, Augusta, Leon, and El Dorado. The new area code 620 has been assigned to numbers serving the region outside the Wichita area in the existing 316 area code region. This area includes the communities of Hutchinson, Pittsburg, McPherson, Independence, Arkansas City, Liberal and Garden City. For more information on the 316 area code two-way split, please visit the Kansas Code Administration Web site at

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) will automatically be updated to reflect the area code change for both home and work phone numbers. If you have any questions please contact your Information Management liaison, (785) 532-6277.

"The past and the future are in your mind and under your control. So take the best from your past and make use of it now." -- Ralph Marston

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January 4, 2002