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Human Resources

Department Recruitment Procedures
University Support Staff Vacancies

Documents to Submit for Recruitment

Guidelines for Hiring Above Minimum Rate at Recruitment

Departments are pre-approved to recruit for an offer up to 10% higher than the minimum pay rate of the range for designated job titles based on the difficulty of recruitment, retention or other special needs of the unit. See the Job Codes listing for the designated job titles. The following guidelines may be used to determine the appropriate starting pay rate for new hires or current employee job changes due to competitive transfer or promotion for these designated job titles.

In the case of a transfer, the employee is eligible for the same rate of pay up to 10% higher. In the case of promotion, the employee is eligible for up to a 10% higher pay rate than that described above for promotion.

Consider all of the following criteria in determining the starting rate of pay:

• Recruitment/retention difficulty
• Candidate has exceptional competencies specific to the position
• Internal equity with the unit
• Budget constraints
• Critical nature of the position to the operation of the department and university

University Support Staff job titles not designated as pre-approved must be filled at the minimum rate for the grade or receive prior approval from Human Resources before extending an offer of employment at a higher rate. Submit a Request to Hire above Minimum for USS, Form PER-3, to Employment Services in Human Resources to request this exception. Contact Employment Services, Human Resources, for additional information.

You will receive the following from Human Resources, Employment Services

  • Applicant Summary and Certified List of Eligible Candidates.
  • Original application materials of all candidates
    Note: Original Application Documents are submitted to departments without HR retaining a copy. The hiring department is responsible for safeguarding the application documents. After the recruitment is completed, the original documents must be returned to HR and will be retained as part of the permanent recruitment file. Departments may retain a copy of the documents for their recruitment file.
  • Copy of Request for Certified Names, (PER-5).
  • Position Summary used for posting recruitment online.

Screen the Application Materials

  • Evaluate the application materials of each applicant based on the screening criteria listed on the Initial Screening of Candidate (AA-28) and enter the ratings and scores on this form.
  • Select the applicants with the highest scores to interview.
  • Departments must interview a minimum of three candidates.

Prepare to Interview

  • Contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 785-532-6220 for approval to interview prior to contacting applicants for an interview.
  • Contact applicants selected and approved by the Office of Institutional Equity for interviews.
  • Advise applicants that Parking Permits are required on campus, refer applicants to Parking Services at 1 KSU Parking Garage by the K-State Student Union or to the metered parking.
  • Send letters to candidates not selected for interview. See sample letter (pdf)

Interview Candidates

  • Make notes of the interviews.
  • Contact references only after applicant is interviewed.


  • Contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 785-532-6220 for approval to hire candidate of choice. Be prepared to list other eligible candidates in the event the first candidate declines the offer.
  • Offer the position to the candidate, contingent on the background check if the applicant is not a current employee.
  • If the offer is accepted, the candidate of choice must complete a Background Check.
  • Set a start date agreeable for hiring department and new hire.
  • Complete the PER-10, including reason for selection and forward to the Office of Institutional Equity for signature approval.
  • Notify all other candidates in writing that the position has been filled.

Complete the Process

  • Complete all appropriate paperwork for hiring university support staff
  • Send the original documents for recruitment back to Human Resources, Employment Services:
    • Applicant Summary of Certified Eligible Candidates
    • Application materials including cover letters, resumes, transcripts, etc.
    • Completed AA-28 listing all applicants, screening criteria, rating and scores
    • Completed PER-10 with signature from the Office of Affirmative Action and include reason for selection
    • Example of letter sent to the other applicants stating the position has been filled
    • PER-5 with checklist of forms completed.

These procedures are for departments filling university support staff positions. Refer to the Office of Institutional Equity for the unclassified recruitment and selection procedures for unclassified faculty and staff positions.