Essential Functions Reviews

All employees at Kansas State University are expected to perform the essential functions of their position.  The term “essential functions” is defined as the fundamental job duties of a position which are required to meet the position’s objectives. This is not to be confused with “marginal functions,” which are secondary duties performed on the job which are not critical to meeting the position’s main objectives.  Both functions should be noted accordingly and updated as necessary on an individual’s job description.

At Kansas State University, an essential functions review may be requested in order to confirm the essential functions of a position and to determine if a person with a disability is able to perform these duties.  If a disabled employee cannot perform these essential functions at the present time, then the reviewer will determine whether some accommodation can be provided which will allow the individual to perform these functions. While every attempt will be made to accommodate a disabled employee, it is important to note that Kansas State University is not required to eliminate a function or assign it to another employee when such a function is determined to be essential to the position.

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