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Kansas State University

Division of Human Resources
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801
785-532-6095 (fax)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)
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Employee Self Service Paycheck Earnings Codes and Descriptions

Questions regarding these codes may be directed to your department personnel specialist.

Earnings Description Detailed Description Earnings Code
Admin Lv E Administrative Leave - Exempt ADE
Adjustment Adjustment Earnings ADJ
Admin Lv N Administrative Leave - Non-exe ADM
Adjustment Adjustment-Net of Taxes ADT
Ticket Tax Athletic Tickets-Taxable AST
Award Tax Awards-Taxable AWT
Bonus Bonus-Unclassified BON
Business Taxable Employee Business Exp BUS
CallBckHrs Call Back Pay-Minimum Hours CBN
CallBckOvt Call Back Pay-Overtime CBO
CallBckPay Call Back Pay CBP
Club Dues Club Dues-Taxable CDT
Comp Earn Comp Time Earned CME
Comp Taken Comp Time Taken CMT
Contract Contractual Pay CNT
CompPayout Comp Time Payout CTP
Dscrtnry E Discretionary Day - Exempt DDE
Dscrtnry N Discretionary Day - Non-Exempt DDY
Disaster N Disaster Leave-Non-Exempt DIS
Donor E Donor Leave - Exempt DNE
Donor N Donor Leave - Non-Exempt DON
Disaster E Disaster Leave - Exempt DSE
Daylt Savg Daylight Saving Time DST
Fringe Ben Fringe Benefit Income FBN
Funeral E Funeral Leave - Exempt FNE
Funeral N Funeral Leave-Non-Exempt FNL
Furlough N Furlough-Hourly EE FU1
FMLA Lwop FMLA Leave without Pay FWP
GTA Graduate Assistant GTA
HolCmp 1.0 Holiday Comp Time 1.0 HCC
HolCmpTknE Holiday Comp Time Taken-Exmpt HCE
HolCrNschd Holiday Credit-not scheduled HCN
HolCmp 1.5 Holiday Comp Time 1.5 HCP
HolCmpTknN Holiday Comp Time Taken-NonExe HCT
HolCmpOT.5 Holiday Comp Overtime .5 HCV
Holiday N Holiday Credit 1.0 - Non-Exemp HDC
Holiday E Holiday Credit 1.0 - Exmpt HDE
HolPay 1.5 Holiday Pay 1.5 HDP
HolPay 0.5 Holiday Pay .5 HDV
HolCmpFLSA Holiday Comp 1.0-FLSA HOC
HolCrNFLSA Holiday Credit-Not Sched-FLSA HON
HolCr FLSA Holiday Credit 1.0-FLSA HOO
HolCompPay Holiday Comp Time Payout HTP
Injury E Injury Leave - Exmpt INE
Injury N Injury Leave-Non-Exempt INJ
Weather E Inclement Weather - Exempt IWE
Weather N Inclement Weather-Nonexempt IWN
Jury DutyE Jury Duty - Exempt JRE
Jury DutyN Jury Duty-Non-Exempt JRY
OvertimeSt Overtime for SP1 Students 1.5 K13
StandbyStu Standby Hours - Student KT1
Longevity Longevity LNG
LWOP Leave Without Pay LWP
Moving Tax Moving Expense-Taxable MET
Military E Military Duty-Exmpt MIE
Military N Military Duty-Non-Exempt MIL
MovingNTax Non-tax Moving Expense-LA Only MVG
Moving Tax Moving Expenses - Taxable -HR MVT
Admin Lv Administrative Leave - NR4 NA4
Admin Lv Administrative Leave - NR5 NA5
Funeral Funeral Leave - NR4 NB4
Funeral Funeral Leave - NR5 NB5
Comp Taken Comp Time Taken - NR4 NC4
Comp Taken Comp Time Taken - NR5 NC5
NoncashAwd Non-cash Award NCA
Dscrtnry Discretionary Day - NR4 ND4
Dscrtnry Discretionary Day - NR5 ND5
Holiday Holiday Credit 1.0 - NR4 NE4
Holiday Holiday Credit 1.0 - NR5 NE5
Fringe Ben Nonres Alien Fringe-Cd 18 NF4
Fringe Ben Nonres Alien Fringe Ben-Cd 19 NF5
Hol Comp Holiday Comp Time Taken - NR4 NH4
Hol Comp Holiday Comp Time Taken - NR5 NH5
Jury Duty Jury Duty Leave - NR4 NJ4
Jury Duty Jury Duty Leave - NR5 NJ5
Overtime Overtime for Students 1.5 -NR4 NK4
Overtime Overtime for Students 1.5 NR5 NK5
Overtime Overtime 1.5 - NR4 NO4
Overtime Overtime 1.5 - NR5 NO5
VacPayout Vacation Leave Payout - NR4 NP4
VacPayout Vacation Leave Payout - NR5 NP5
NonPay Cty Non-Pay Salary (County Agents) NPC
NonPayDis Non Pay TSA Disability Rt NPD
NonPayRet NonPay TSA Phased Rtrmnt NPR
Regular Nonresident Alien-Inc Code 18 NR4
Regular Nonresident Alien-Inc Code 19 NR5
Sick Sick Leave - NR4 NS4
Sick Sick Leave - NR5 NS5
Vacation Vacation Leave - NR4 NV4
Vacation Vacation Leave - NR5 NV5
OvtDifPay Overtime Differential Pay ODP
Ovrtime.5 Overtime .5 OT1
OvrtimeMP Overtime-Multiple Positions OTM
Overtime Overtime 1.5 OTP
Overload Overload Payment OVL
Pers Reimb Personal Reimbursements PRB
Piecework Piecework - PUB Students Only PWK
Regular Regular Earns REG
Relief N Relief from duty with pay-NExe RFD
Relief E Relief from duty w/pay-Exmpt RFE
Shift3 10% Shift 3 - 10% S3P
Sick E Sick Leave - Exmpt SCE
Sick N Sick Leave-Non-exempt SCK
Settlement Settlement Pay SET
Shift1 .30 Shift 1-$.30 SF1
Shift7 .60 Shift 7-$.60 SF7
Shared LvE Shared Leave - Exempt SHE
Shared LvN Shared Leave-Non-Exempt SHL
SickLvPyHr Sick Leave Payout Accrual Hrs SLA
SickLvPyot Sick Leave Payout SLP
SickRemain Sick Leave Payout Remainder SLR
SickServHr Sick Leave Payout Service Hrs SLS
StudentReg Student Employee-FLSA covered SP1
SSGrossAdj Social Security Gross Adjustmt SSG
StandbyHrs Standby Hours-Regular ST1
StandbyHC Standby Hours-Health Care ST2
SocSecGrs SocSec Only Tax Gross Adjustmt STG
GA Other students-monthly STO
GRA Student Research Assistants STR
SugAwdSup Suggestion Award-Supervisor SU1
Sugg Award Suggestion Award SUG
Vacation N Vacation Leave - Non-Exempt VAC
Vacation E Vacation Leave - Exempt VAE
VacLvPyHr Vacation Leave Payout Accrl Hr VLA
VacLvPyot Vacation Leave Payout - Normal VLN
VacLvPyRet Vacation Leave Payout - Retire VLP
Vac Remain Vacation Leave Payout Remaindr VLR
VacServHr Vacation Leave Payout ServHrs VLS
VehicleTax Vehicle Usage-Taxable VUT
WrkCmpHrE Worker's Comp Hours-Exempt WCE
VrkCmpHrN Workers Comp Hours WCH
WrkCmpTkn Work Comp-Comp Time Taken WCT
WrkCmpHol Work Comp-Holiday Comp Taken WHC
WrkCmpLWOP Work Comp-Leave Without Pay WLP
WrkCmpSlvE WC-Sick Leave-Exempt WSE
WrkCmpSick Work Comp-Sick Leave WSL
WCHCT-EX WC-Hol Comp Taken-Exempt WTE
WrkCmpVLvE WC-Vacation Leave-Exempt WVE
WrkCmpVac Work Comp-Vacation Leave WVL