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Kansas State University

Division of Human Resources
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801
785-532-6095 (fax)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)
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Employee Self Service Paycheck Deduction Codes and Descriptions

Questions regarding these codes may be directed to your department personnel specialist.

Paycheck Deduction Description
AD/D Accidental Death and Dis Ins
Arrearage Arrearage Collection
DeferdComp 457 Savings - Deferred Comp
Dental Dental Ins
Drug Prescription Drug Ins
Foundation Agency Deduction Foundation
FSADepndnt Dependent Care FSA
FSAHealth Health Care FSA
Garnishmnt Garnishment
KPERBuybck KS Public Employees Retirement System Buyback
KPERS Kansas Public Employees Retirement System
LearnQuest Learning Quest
Life Basic FEGLI - Basic Life
Life Opt A FEGLI - Option A
Life Opt B FEGLI - Option B
Life Opt C FEGLI - Option C
LifeIns Life Insurance
LngTrmCare Long Term Car
Meals Agency Deduction - Meals
Med 1000AT Medical (ATH) 1000 Ded ATX
Med 1000BT Medical (ATH) 1000 Ded BTX
Med 101AT Federal BC/BS Plan 101 ATX
Med 101BT Federal BC/BS Plan 101 BTX
Med 104AT Federal BC/BS Plan 104 ATX
Med 104BT Federal BC/BS Plan 104 BTX
Med 105AT Federal BC/BS Plan 105 ATX
Med 105BT Federal BC/BS Plan 105 BTX
Med 105PA Federal BC/BC Plan 105P ATX
Med 105PB Federal BC/BS Plan 105P BTX
Med 111AT Federal BCBS (Self) ATX
Med 111BT Federal BCBS (Self) BTX
Med 112AT Federal BCBS (Family) ATX
Med 112BT Federal BCBS (Family) BTX
Med 312AT Federal - GE312 ATX
Med 312BT Federal - GE312 BTX
Med 312PA Federal - GE312 PT ATX
Med 312PB Federal - GE312 PT BTX
Med 452AT Federal - Mail Handler 452 ATX
Med 452BT Federal - Mail Handler 452 BTX
Med 455AT Federal - Mail Handler 455 ATX
Med 455BT Federal - Mail Handler 455 BTX
Med 500AT Medical (ATH) 500 Ded ATX
Med 500BT Medical (ATH) 500 Ded BTX
Med 750AT Medical (ATH) 750 Ded ATX
Med 750BT Medical (ATH) 750 Ded BTX
Med HA2AT Federal - Kaiser FAM ATX
Med HA2BT Federal - Kaiser FAM BTX
Med MS1AT Federal Humana SIN ATX
Med MS1BT Federal Humana SIN BTX
Med VA2AT Federal Preferred Plus ATX
Med VA2BT Federal Preferred Plus BTX
Medical Medical Insurance
MedicalDep Dependent contrib-Medical
NETPAY Adj Net Pay Adjustment
OptLifeFee Optional Group Life Admin Fee
OptLifeIns Optional Group Life
Org Dues Organizational Dues
Parking Parking
ParkingFee Parking - Employer Fee
RetireCSRS Federal Civil Service Ret Sys
RetireDis TSA Disability Retirement
RetireFERS Federal Employees Ret System
RetirePrSv Prior Years Service Retirement
SavngsBond US Saving Bond
StateLeave State Leave Clearing Fund
SumDental Summer Dental Insurance
SumDrug Summer Prescription Drug
SumMedical Summer Medical
SumOptFee Summer Optional Grp Life Adm Fee
SumOptLife Summer Optional Group Life Ins
SumTEAF1 Summer Dependent Life Ins
SumTEAF2 Summer Dependent Life Ins
SumTEAF3 Summer Dependent Life Ins
SumTEALife Summer TEA Life Ins
SumVision Summer Vision Ins
TEA Dep 1 Dependent Life Ins
TEA Dep 2 Dependent Life Ins
TEA Dep 3 Dependent Life Ins
TEALifeIns TEA Life Insurance
Tickets Agency Deduction - Tickets
TrmLifeIns Group Term Life Regular
TSAnnuity TSA Retirement
TSP CSRS Federal - TSP (CSRS Only)
TSP FERS Federal - TSP (FERS only)
TSP Loan Agency Deduction - TSP Payment
TSP1%FERS Federal TSP 1% Automatic
UnitedWay United Way
Vision Vision Insurance
VTSAnnuity Voluntary Tx Sheltered Annuity
Work Comp Worker's Compensation Ins.