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  6. Processing Unclassified Salary Increases & Budget Data On-line Using the HRIS

Processing Unclassified Salary Increases and Budget Data On-line Using the HRIS

A course designed for those who will be entering unclassified salary increases on-line using the HRIS. The course will include numerous scenarios that will apply to participant's role in updating unclassified salaries. This course will be held in a computer lab and each participant will have access to a computer for completing activities presented in class.

Prerequisite: Be able to use a web browser that supports HRIS
  Attend Developing HRIS On-Line Skills
  Attend Activities for Developing HRIS On-Line Skills (optional)
  Attend Maintaining Department Budget/Funding Using the HRIS
  Attend Forms Training: Establishing and Maintaining Positions
  • ..Payroll/Budget Time Lines
  • ..Organizational Development menu overview
  • ..Workforce Administration menus overview
    • Personal Data
    • Employment Data
    • Job Data
    • Action/Reason Codes
    • Compensation Frequency/Rate
    • Compute Salary Rate
    • Benefit Program
  • ..Effective-Dates (i.e. history, current, future)
  • ..Updating compensation rate on-line
  • ..Correcting compensation rate

Enrollment Procedures

Register via HRIS Employee Self Service.

Or, register by contacting Training at Please include your name, employee ID, course title, course code, and course session number. Your registration will always be appreciated at least two days prior to the session.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

Due to the demand for the HRIS training sessions, rescheduling and/or canceling registration in a timely manner will be appreciated. Normally, there are individuals on a waiting list. Simply notify us by fax, telephone, or e-mail.