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Division of Human Resources
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Time and Leave Scenarios and Tips

Calendar/Schedule Reminder

It is imperative that those who record time and leave closely follow the HRIS calendar/schedule. For example, the calendar indicates that the Dept Time Report be printed the day of final pay calculation to insure that everyone, including new employees, are "OK" to process. The staff in Human Resources processes prior pay period transactions through the day in which the preliminary pay claculation runs. This report may be printed at any time during the recording process; however, always print the report the day of final pay calculation to insure everyone is "OK" to process.

Compensatory Time

For any employee who has accrued more than 120 hours of compensatory time, the HRIS system slices off any excess overtime hours and stores them in adjusted hours. The employee needs to be paid for these hours. Submit a Fax Form (pdf) to HR for a supplemental pay check. Indicate Employee Name, Employee ID, Record #, Number of hours to be paid, and the pay period the employee exceeded maximum accrual limit.

eTime Instructions

eTime Entry Process for Student Employees (pdf)
eTime Approval Process for Supervisors (pdf)

Exempt Employee Reminder

Since an exempt employee normally does not turn in a time document and turns in a leave slip only when using leave, it is easy to forget to click on the "OK" to process check box for these employees!

Even though you do not receive a time document or a leave slip for exempt employees, the "OK" to process check box must be turned on for these employees to receive a paycheck.

View Current Leave Balances

Employee leave balances ... current leave balances (sick, vacation, comp time, holiday comp time, etc.) may be viewed on-line using the following path: Compensate Employees > Maintain Time and Leave > Inquire > Leave Accruals

Normally, the leave balance may be viewed without making any calculations. However, if there is "Unprocessed Data" appearing on the page for a leave plan, the "Accrual Balances - Hours" and the "Accrual Total" will not agree. The difference will be the "unprocessed data." Unprocessed data is leave to be processed for the next pay period.

To calculate leave plan balances, add the hours Carried Over from Previous Year to the hour Earned Year-to-date. Subtract hours Taken Year-to-Date and hours Adjusted Year-to-Date. This sum will be the leave balance as of the Accrual Date on the page.