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HRIS Data and Job Data Tips

Avoid Retyping

To avoid retyping the Employee Id, Department Id, Name, etc. when going from one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) application to another, use the following cut and paste method:

  1. After entering the Id or name in a dialog box, hi-lite and select the data by holding down on the left mouse button while dragging it across the selected field. Note: Depending on monitor colors, hi-liting may not be visible.
  2. After hi-liting/selecting the Id or name, use the "Control" and "Insert" keys together to select and store the data in a buffer.
  3. After entering the next HRIS application dialog box, place the curser in the Id or name field, select the "Shift" and "Insert" keys together. The stored Id or name will appear.

View Job Data Multiple Positions

To view job information for employees who are in multiple positions, you may use the following path:

Administer Workforce > Administer HR (KSU) > Inquire > All Jobs Summary

After entering employee's ID or employee's social security number or employee's name as search criteria in the dialogue box, select "OK".

This page will reveal all positions for the employee and will include the following information for each position:

Employee Name, Employee ID, Employee Rcd #, Effective Date, Seq #, Empl Status (i.e. active, terminated, etc.), Position Number, Action\Reason Codes, Job Code, Department, Employee Type, Standard Hours, Full-Time/Part-Time, Regular/Temporary, Pay Group, Compensation Frequency, Salary Plan, Grade, Last Check Date, Compensation Rate, and % Change (percent change in salary).

View Classified Salary Scale

The classified Salary Scale may be viewed on-line by using the following path:

Administer Workforce > Plan Salaries (GBL) > Setup > Salary Grade Tables
Search Criteria: Salary Administration Plan = CLA

Click "Search".

Select the desired grade from the list box. The steps, hourly rate, monthly rate, and annual rate will appear on the page for the selected grade.