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Leave Reporting

Leave reporting in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for all employees is accomplished through instructions provided by the Division of Human Resources (HR). These instructions are contained in various media, e.g. HRIS training sessions, HRIS Newsletter, electronic mail, Division of Human Resources web site, and Time & Leave Scenarios & Tips.

Department personnel report leave each bi-weekly pay period. The process for reporting time and leave in HRIS is as follows:

  1. Time documents for non-exempt employees are printed prior to the beginning of each pay period. These time documents are based upon default work schedules assigned to the employees' position.
  2. The employee records time and leave throughout the pay period on the time document.
  3. The time document is submitted to the employees' supervisor for approval.
  4. The time document is then submitted to the department personnel specialist who will enter time and leave data in HRIS.
  5. Pay calculations are run by HR and paychecks issued.

Default work schedules and holiday schedules print on time documents for full-time non-exempt (hourly) employees. If a non-exempt employee is part-time, their work and holiday schedule may not default based on their work schedule in HRIS and may need to be entered by the personnel specialist. Hours are recorded by earnings code for non-exempt employees and must be used in quarter hour increments.

Time documents do not print for exempt (bi-weekly) employees. Hours for an exempt employee are recorded by earnings code only when leave is taken and leave must be used in 4 or 8 hour increments.

For purposes under the Fair Labor Standards Act, each workweek stands alone. Hours reported in one week have no effect on the FLSA status of the other workweek in that pay period.

It is important that personnel specialist run a Time Entry Error Report (pdf). This report will print time and leave errors. It is designed to display errors throughout the recording process and may be printed as many times as needed. If time and leave entry errors are not corrected, the employee may not receive a paycheck.

Training regarding time and leave entry may be obtained by contacting the Division of Human Resources, HRIS Training, at 532-6277.