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Division of Human Resources
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801
785-532-6095 (fax)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)
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Degree Abbreviations

Codes and Descriptions
Degree Code Description Short Desc
AA Associate of Arts AA
AAS Associate of Applied Science AAS
ABA Associate of Business Admin ABA
ADN Associate of Nursing ADN
AE Associate of Engineering AE
AS Associate of Science AS
AT Associate of Technology AssocTechn
BA Bachelor of Arts BA
BAA Bachelor of Architecture BAA
BBA Bachelor of Business Admin BBA
BD Bachelor of Divinity BD
BE Bachelor of Engineering BE
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts BFA
BGS Bachelor of General Studies BGS
BIA Bachelor of Interior Architect BIntrArch
BLA Bachelor of Landscape Arch BLandArch
BM Bachelor of Music BM
BME Bachelor of Music Education BME
BN Bachelor of Nursing Degree Nursing BN
BS Bachelor of Science BS
BSA BS Animal Husbandry BS Animal
BSB Bachelor of Science - Business BS-B
BSE Bachelor of Science - Educatn BS-ED
BSJ Bachelor of Science-Journalism BS-J
BSL Bachelor of Science - Law BS-Law
BSN Bachelor of Science - Nursing BS-Nurse
BSW Bachelor of Social Work BSW
BT Bachelor of Theology BT
CER Certificate Certif
DBA Doctor of Business Admin Ph.BA
DC Doctor of Chiropractic Ph.C
DD Doctor of Dentistry Ph.DENT
DED Doctor of Education Ph.ED
DM Doctor of Music Dr Music
DMA Doctor of Musical Arts DrMusicArt
DO Doctor of Osteopathic Med&Surg Ph.O
DPM Doctor of Podiatric Med & Surg Ph.P
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Ph.V
HS High School Graduate HS Grad
JD Juris Doctor JD
LL Bachelor of Laws LL
MA Master of Arts MA
MACC Master of Accountancy MACC
MAJ Master of Administratn Justice MAJ
MARCH Master of Architecture MArchitect
MBA Master of Business Admin MBA
MBE Master of Business Education MBE
MCE Master of Civil Engineering MCE
MD Doctor of Medicine MD
MDI Master of Divinity M.DIV
ME Master of Engineering ME
MED Master of Education M.ED
MEE Master of Electrical Enginrg MEE
MFA Master of Fine Arts MFA
MLA Master of Landscape Architect MLandArch
MLS Master of Library Science MLS
MM Master of Music MM
MME Master of Mechanical Enginrg MME
MPA Master of Public or Personnel MPA
MPH Master of Philosophy MPH
MRCP Master of Reg & Comm Planning MRegComm
MS Master of Science MS
MSE Master of Science - Education MSE
MSL Master of Science - Law MS-Law
MSW Master of Social Work MSW
MT Master of Theology MT
NG Non-Graduate Non-Grad
PHD Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D
PHE Doctor of Engineering Ph.E
PHS Doctor of Science Ph.S
RN Registered Nurse Reg. Nurse
SE Specialist in Education SE
SEC Secretarial Certificate Sec Certif
TS Trade School Graduate Trade Grad

Please contact Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Data at 532-6277 with any questions regarding degree codes or education level changes.