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Kansas State University


Division of Human Resources
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801
785-532-6095 (fax)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)
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Deduction Codes and Descriptions

For use with HRIS benefit and paysheet applications.

Codes by Company

Intercollegiate Athletics Codes
Plan TypeDeduction CodesLong DescriptionShort DescriptionEffective Date
00BNDATHUS Saving Bond (ATH)SavngsBond2002-12-08
00CREATHCredit Card Deduction for ATHCreditCard2003-06-08
00FNDATHFoundation (ATH)Foundation2002-12-08
00PKTATHParking (ATH)Parking2002-12-08
00PKTATXParking (ATH) BTXParking2002-12-08
00RECATHRec Services Fee (ATH)REC FEE2005-06-05
00TKTATHTickets (ATH)Tickets2002-12-08
00UTDATHUnited Way - 061 (ATH)UnitedWay2002-12-08
10250ATMedical (ATH) 250 Ded ATX250AT2004-09-12
10250BTMedical (ATH) 250 Ded BTX250BT2004-09-12
10500ATMedical (ATH) 500 Ded ATX500AT2002-09-15
10500BTMedical (ATH) 500 Ded BTX500BT2002-09-15
10750ATMedical (ATH) 750 Ded ATX750AT2002-09-15
10750BTMedical (ATH) 750 Ded BTX750BT2002-09-15
11DENATHDental (ATH) Before TaxDental2002-12-08
11DENATXDental (ATH) After TaxDental2002-12-08
14VISATHVision (ATH) Before taxVision2002-12-08
14VISATXVision (ATH) After TaxVision2002-12-08
22ADDATHAD/D (ATH)AD/D2002-12-08
25REG1ATRegents A - TEA Life F1 (ATH)TEA Dep 12002-12-08
25REG2ATRegents A - TEA Life F2 (ATH)TEA Dep 22002-12-08
25REG3ATRegents A - TEA Life F3 (ATH)TEA Dep 32002-12-08
2TATHLIFLife Insurance (ATH)LifeIns2002-12-08
2ZREGAATRegents A - TEA Life Ins (ATH)TEALifeIns2002-12-08
4YATHDEFDeferred Comp - AthleticsDeferdComp2003-06-08
4ZVTSAATVTSA (ATH)VTSAnnuity2002-12-08
60HCATHCafeteria Plan - Health (ATH)FSAHealth2002-12-08
61DCATHCafeteria Plan - Depend (ATH)FSAdepndnt2002-12-08
7YRETATHRetirement (ATH) BTXRetirement2002-12-08


K-State Student Union Codes
Plan TypeDeduction CodesLong DescriptionShort DescriptionEffective Date
00 AFLACA AFLAC - Personal Accident AFLAC ACC 12/07/03
00 AFLACC AFLAC - Cancer AFLAC CAN 12/07/03
00 AFLACD AFLAC - Dental AFLAC DEN 12/07/03
00 AFLACH AFLAC - Personal Hospital AFLAC HOS 12/07/03
00 AFLACR AFLAC - Personal Recovery AFLAC REC 12/07/03
00BNDKUNUS Saving Bond (KUN)SavngsBond2002-12-08
00PKTKUNParking (KUN)Parking2002-12-08
00PKTKUXParking (KUN) BTXParking2002-12-08
00 RECKUN Rec Services Fee (KUN) REC FEE 06/05/05
00 STDKUN Short Term Disability - KUNSTermDIS 12-07-03
00TKTKUNTickets (KUN)Tickets2002-12-08
00UTDKUNUnited Way - 061 (KUN)UnitedWay2002-12-08
10HEAKUNMedical (KUN) Before TaxMedical2002-12-08
10HEAKUXMedical (KUN) After TaxMedical2002-12-08
11DENKUNDental (KUN) Before TaxDental2002-12-08
11DENKUXDental (KUN) After TaxDental2002-12-08
14VISKUNVision (KUN) Before taxVision2002-12-08
14VISKUXVision (KUN) After taxVision2002-12-08
25REG1UNRegents A - TEA Life F1 (KUN)TEA Dep 12002-12-08
25REG2UNRegents A - TEA Life F2 (KUN)TEA Dep 22002-12-08
25REG3UNRegents A - TEA Life F3 (KUN)TEA Dep 32002-12-08
2TKUNLIFLife Insurance (KUN)LifeIns2002-12-08
2ZREGAUNRegents A - TEA Life Ins (KUN)TEALifeIns2002-12-08
4ZVTSAUNVTSA (KUN)VTSAnnuity2002-12-08
60HCKUNCafeteria Plan - Health (KUN)FSAHealth 2002-12-08
61DCKUNCafeteria Plan - Depend (KUN)FSADepndnt2002-12-08
7YRETCUNRetirement (KUN) Class BTXRetirement2002-12-08
7YRETCUXRetirement (KUN) Class ATXRetirement2002-12-08
7YRETKUNRetirement (KUN) Unclass BTXRetirement2002-12-08
7YRETKUXRetirement (KUN) Unclass ATXRetirement2002-12-08


Student Publications Codes
Plan TypeDeduction CodesLong DescriptionShort DescriptionEffective Date
00BNDPUBUS Savings Bond (PUB)SavngsBond2002-12-08
00FNDPUBFoundation (PUB)Foundation2002-12-08
00PKTPUBParking (PUB)Parking2002-12-08
00PKTPUXParking (PUB) BTX Parking2002-12-08
00 RECPUB Rec Services Fee (PUB) REC FEE 2002-06-05
00TKTPUBTickets (PUB)Tickets2002-12-08
00UTDPUBUnited Way - 061 (PUB)UnitedWay2002-12-08
10HEAPUBMedical (PUB) Before TaxMedical2002-12-08
10HEAPUXMedical (PUB) After TaxMedical2002-12-08
11DENPUXDental (PUB) After TaxDental2002-12-08
14VISPUBVision (PUB) Before taxVision2002-12-08
14VISPUXVision (PUB) After tax Vision2002-12-08
25REG1PURegents A - TEA Life F1 (PUB)TEA Dep 12002-12-08
25REG2PURegents A - TEA Life F2 (PUB)TEA Dep 22002-12-08
25REG3PURegents A - TEA Life F3 (PUB)TEA Dep 32002-12-08
2ZREGAPURegents A - TEA Life Ins (PUB)TEALifeIns2002-12-08
4ZVTSASPVTSA (PUB)VTSAnnuity2002-12-08
60HCPUBCafeteria Plan - Health (PUB)FSAHealth2002-12-08
61DCPUBCafeteria Plan - Depend (PUB)FSADepndnt2002-12-08
7YRETPUBRetirement (PUB) BTXRetirement2002-12-08
7YRETPUXRetirement (PUB) ATXRetirement2002-12-08


State of Kansas Codes
Plan TypeDeduction CodesLong DescriptionShort DescriptionEffective Date
00 457DCL 457 Deferred Comp Loan 457 Loan 12-07-03
00ADJUSTArrearage CollectionArrearage10-26-03
00AGYFNDAgency Deduction - FoundationFoundation01-01-01
00AGYMEAAgency Deduction - MealsMeals01-01-01
00 AGYPKS Parking - ATX (Salina) Parking 12-08-02
00AGYPKTAgency Deduction - ParkingParking2002-12-08
00 AGYPRP Agency Property Property 12-07-03
00 AGYREC Rec Services FeeREC FEE 06-05-05
00AGYTKTAgency Deduction - TicketsAGY_TKT1999-05-30
00GTLREGGroup Term Life RegularTrmLifeIns2002-12-08
00GTLSPCGroup Term Life - SpecialTrmLifeIns2002-12-08
00GTLTRNGroup Term Life TSA Reg Not PaTrmLifeIns2002-12-08
00GTLTRPGroup Term Life TSA Reg ParticTrmLifeIns2002-12-08
00LEARNQLearning QuestLearnQuest2002-12-08
00ORG001Org Dues - KAPE 001Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG002Org Dues - KAPE 002Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG003Org Dues - KAPE 003Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG004Org Dues - KAPE 004Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG005Org Dues - KAPE 005Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG006Org Dues - KAPE 006Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG007Org Dues - KAPE 007Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG008Org Dues - KAPE 008Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG009Org Dues - KAPE 009Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG010Org Dues - KAPE 010Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG011Org Dues - KAPE 011Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG012Org Dues - KAPE 012Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG013Org Dues - KAPE 013Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG014Org Dues - KAPE 014Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG015Org Dues - KAPE 015Org Dues2000-01-01
00ORG016Org Dues - KAPE 016Org Dues2000-01-01
00 ORG017 Org Dues - KAPE 017 Org Dues 01-01-00
00 ORG018 Org Dues - KAPE 018 (KU) Org Dues 01-01-00
00 ORG019 Org Dues - KAPE 019 (KU) Org Dues 01-01-00
00 ORG030 Org Dues - 030-KNEA-Pittsburg Org Dues 01-01-00
00 ORG037 Org Dues-FOP 37-KC,KS (KUMC) Org Dues 01-01-00
00ORG040Org dues-Pub EE Srvc Org-Leav.Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG050Org Dues - SEAK 050Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG051Org Dues - SEAK 051Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG052Org Dues - SEAK 052Org Dues2002-12-08
00 ORG060 Org Dues-FOP Lawrence Lodge 2 Org Dues 01-01-00
00ORG086Org Dues-AFSCME Local 1086-640Org Dues2002-12-08
00 ORG133 Org Dues-PSE Local 1132 (KUMC) Org Dues 01-01-00
00ORG140Org Dues-NAGE LocalR14-140-585Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG141Org Dues-NAGE LocalR14-141-664Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG145Org Dues-NAGE LocalR14-145-507Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG147Org Dues-NAGE Local R14-147Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG156Org Dues-NAGE LocalR14-156-363Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG270Org Dues-AFSCME Local 1270-494Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG280Org Dues-KS Trooper Assn-280Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG281Org Dues-KS Troopers-Level 1Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG282Org Dues-KS Trooper-Level 2Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG283Org Dues-KS Trooper-Level 3Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG357Org Dues-AFSCME Local 1357-379Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG371Org Dues-AFSCME Local 3371Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG417Org Dues-AFSCME 1417-276Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG419Org Dues-AFSCME 1419-276Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG438Org Dues-AFSCME 1438-276Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG439Org Dues-AFSCME 1439Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG440Org Dues-AFSCME 1440-276Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG469Org Dues-AFSCME 1469-410Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG642Org Dues-NAGE Local 642Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG689Org Dues-AFSCME 1689-276Org Dues2002-12-08
00ORG777Org Dues-AFSCME 2777-713Org Dues2002-12-08
00 ORG888 Org Dues-KU Nurses Org Dues 01-01-00
00PPKADRParking - BTX (ER) Main CampusParkingFee2002-12-08
00 PPKADS Parking - BTX (Salina) ER ParkingFee 12-08-02
00PPKM01Parking - BTX (EE) Main CampusParking2002-12-08
00 PPKM02 Parking - BTX (Salina) EE Parking 12-08-02
00STLEAVState Leave Clearing FundStateLeave2002-12-08
00USBONDSavings Bond SavngsBond2002-12-08
00UTD001United Way - AbileneUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD004United Way - AtchisonUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD005United Way - AugustaUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD009United Way - BurlingameUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD010United Way - CarbondaleUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD011United Way - ChanuteUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD015United Way - CoffeyvilleUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD017United Way - Dodge CityUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD019United Way - El Dorado, IncUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD021United Way - Emporia-Lyon CntyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD025United Way--Finney CountyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD030United Way - Great BendUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD036United Way - Harvey CountyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD038United Way - Hays - Ellis CntyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD042United Way - Hutchinson-RenoUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD047United Way - Jackson County,KSUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD048United Way - Johnson CountyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD049United Way -JunctionCity-GearyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD051United Way - KC-Wyandotte CntyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD052United Way - Kingman CountyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD054United Way - LawrenceUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD055United Way - Leavenworth CntyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD057United Way - LyndonUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD061United Way - Manhattan - RileyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD068United Way - OlatheUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD070United Way - OsawatomieUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD072United Way - OverbrookUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD075United Way - ParsonsUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD077United Way - PittsburgUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD080United Way - Pratt CountyUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD085United Way - SalinaUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD095United Way - TopekaUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD097United Way - Wichita-SedgwickUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD098United Way - WinfieldUnitedWay2002-12-08
00UTD099United Way - McPhersonUnitedWay2003-08-03
00WCIWorker's Compensation Ins.Work Comp2002-12-08
10BCSEATBC/BS Kansas Choice After TaxMedical2002-12-08
10BCSEBTBC/BS Kansas Choice Before TaxMedical2002-12-08
10CVPPATCoventry PPO After TaxMedical2005-12-18
10CVPPBTCoventry PPO Before TaxMedical2005-12-18
10PBLUATPremier Blue HMO After TaxMedical2002-12-08
10PBLUBTPremier Blue HMO Before TaxMedical2002-12-08
10PCHMATCoventry Health Care-After TaxMedical2002-12-08
10PCHMBTCoventry Health Care-Before TxMedical2002-12-08
10PREFATPreferred Plus KS After TaxMedical2002-12-08
10PREFBTPreferred Plus KS Before TaxMedical2002-12-08
10 QHDPAT Coventry Qual High Ded AT Medical 12-18-05
10 QHDPBT Coventry Qual High Ded BT Medical 12-18-05
11DLTAATDelta Dental After TaxDental2002-12-08
11DLTABTDelta Dental Before TaxDental2002-12-08
14 SVHIAT Superior Vision - Enhanced ATX Vision 12-08-02
14 SVHIBT Superior Vision - Enhanced BTX Vision 12-08-02
14 SVLOAT Superior Vision - Basic ATX Vision 12-08-02
14 SVLOBT Superior Vision - Basic BTX Vision 12-08-02
1V SVHI9A Sup Vis - Enhanced AT Summer SumVision 12-08-02
1VSVHI9B Sup Vis - Enhanced BT Summer SumVision 12-08-02
1V SVLO9A Sup Vis - Basic AT Summer SumVision 12-08-02
1VSVLO9B Sup Vis - Basic BT Summer SumVision 12-08-02
1WDRUG9AAdvance Paradigm ATX SummerSumDrug2002-12-08
1WDRUG9BAdvance Paradigm BTX SummerSumDrug2002-12-08
1XBCSE9ABC/BS KS Choice ATX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XBCSE9BBC/BS KS Choice BTX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XPBLU9APremier Blue HMO ATX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XPBLU9BPremier Blue HMO BTX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XPCHM9APrincipal HMO ATX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XPCHM9BPrincipal HMO BTX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XPREF9APreferred Plus KS ATX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1XPREF9BPreferred Plus KS BTX SummerSumMedical2002-12-08
1YDLT9ATDelta Dental ATX SummerSumDental2002-12-08
1YDLT9BTDelta Dental BTX SummerSumDental2002-12-08
1ZDRUGATAdvance Paradigm ATDrug2002-12-08
1ZDRUGBTAdvance ParadigmDrug2002-12-08
21OGLIFEOptional Group LifeOptLifeIns2002-12-08
25AGYF1Agency Deduction - TEA - FAM1TEA Dep 12002-12-08
25AGYF2Agency Deduction - TEA - FAM 2TEA Dep 22002-12-08
25AGYF3Agency Deduction - TEA - FAM 3TEA Dep 32002-12-08
2AADMSUMOptional Grp Life Adm (Summer)SumOptFee2002-12-08
2MTEASUMTEA Life Ins (Summer)SumTEALife2002-12-08
2NF1SUMTEA Fam 1 (Summer)SumTEAF12002-12-08
2NF2SUMTEA Fam 2 (Summer)SumTEAF22002-12-08
2NF3SUMTEA FAM3 (Summer)SumTEAF32002-12-08
2POGLSUMOptional Group Life (Summer)SumOptLife2002-12-08
2VOGLADMOptional Group Life Admin FeeOptLifeFee2002-12-08
2VOGLIFEOptional Group Life Admin FeeOptLifeFee2002-12-08
2ZAGYTEAAgency Deduction - TEA LifeTEALifeIns2002-12-08
4V KPERB1 KPERS Buyback Y1 KPERBuybck 06-08-03
4VKPERB2 KPERS Buyback Y2 KPERBuybck 06-08-03
4Y 457DEC 457 Deferred Comp 50 or Over DeferdComp 12-19-04
4Y457DEF457 Savings - Deferred CompDeferdComp2002-12-08
4Y 457DER 457 Deferred Comp Catch Up DeferdComp 12-19-04
4ZVTSAVoluntary Tx Sheltered AnnuityVTSAnnuity2002-12-08
60HCAREHealth Care FSAFSAHealth2002-12-08
61DCAREDependent Care FSAFSADepndnt2002-12-08
6Y HSASGL Health Savings Acct - Single HSASingle 12-18-05
6Z HSADEP Health Savings Acct - Depend HSADepend 12-18-05
70RETP&FKPERS Police and FiremenKPERS2002-12-08
70RETREGKPERS RegularKPERS2002-12-08
7VDISAETTSA Disability Ret (Aetna)RetireDis2002-12-08
7VDISLINTSA Disability Ret (Lincoln)RetireDis2002-12-08
7VDISSBLTSA Disability Ret (Security)RetireDis2002-12-08
7VDISTIATSA Disability Ret (TIAA/CREF)RetireDis2002-12-08
7VDISUNUTSA Disability Ret (Unum)RetireDis2002-12-08
7XPHAETTSA Phased Ret (ER) - AetnaRetirePhs2002-12-08
7XPHLINTSA Phased Ret (ER) - LincolnRetirePhs2002-12-08
7XPHSBLTSA Phased Ret (ER) - SecurityRetirePhs2002-12-08
7XPHTIAATSA Phased Ret (ER)- TIAA/CREFRetirePhs2002-12-08
7XPHUNUTSA Phased Ret (ER) - UnumRetirePhs2002-12-08
7YNOPROVTSA Retirement - No ProviderTSAnnuity2002-12-08
7YPHSAETTSA Phased Ret (EE) - AetnaRetirePhs2002-12-08
7YPHSLINTAS Phased Ret (EE) - LincolnRetirePhs2002-12-08
7YPHSSBLTSA Phased Ret (EE) - SecurityRetirePhs2002-12-08
7YPHSTIATSA Phased Ret (EE)-TIAA/CREFRetirePhs2002-12-08
7YPHSUNUTSA Phased Ret (EE) - UnumRetirePhs2002-12-08
7YTSAAETTSA AetnaTSAnnuity2002-12-08
7Y TSADEF TSA Retirement - Default TSAnnuity 12-08-02
7YTSALINTSA LincolnTSAnnuity2002-12-08
7YTSASECTSA Security BenefitTSAnnuity2002-12-08
7YTSAUNUTSA UNUMTSAnnuity2002-12-08


State of Kansas Federal Codes
Plan TypeDeduction CodesLong DescriptionShort DescriptionEffective Date
00 AGYTSP Agency Deduction - TSP Payment TSP Loan 01-01-01
12104FATFederal BC/BS Plan 104 ATXMed 104AT2001-01-01
12104FBTFederal BC/BS Plan 104 BTXMed 104BT2001-01-01
12105FATFederal BC/BS Plan 105 ATXMed 105AT2001-01-01
12105FBTFederal BC/BS Plan 105 BTXMed 105BT2001-01-01
12105PATFederal BC/BC Plan 105P ATXMed 105PA2001-01-01
12105PBTFederal BC/BS Plan 105P BTXMed 105PB2001-01-01
12 111FAT Federal BCBS (Self) ATX Med 111AT 01-06-02
12 111FBT Federal BCBS (Self) BTX Med 111BT 01-06-02
12112FATFederal BC/BS (Family) ATXMed 112AT6-Jan-02
12112FBTFederal BC/BS (Family) BTXMed 112BT6-Jan-02
12312FATFederal - GE312 ATXMed 312AT2001-01-01
12312FBTFederal - GE312 BTXMed 312BT2001-01-01
12312PATFederal - GE312 PT ATXMed 312PA2001-01-01
12312PBTFederal - GE312 PT BTXMed 312PB2001-01-01
12452FATFederal - Mail Handler 452 ATXMed 452AT2001-01-01
12452FBTFederal - Mail Handler 452 BTXMed 452BT2001-01-01
12455FATFederal - Mail Handler 455 ATXMed 455AT2001-01-01
12455FBTFederal - Mail Handler 455 BTXMed 455BT2001-01-01
12HA2FATFederal - Kaiser FAM ATXMed HA2AT2001-01-01
12HA2FBTFederal - Kaiser FAM BTXMed HA2BT2001-01-01
12MS1FATFederal Humana SIN ATXMed MS1AT2001-01-01
12MS1FBTFederal Humana SIN BTXMed MS1BT2001-01-01
12VA2FATFederal Preferred Plus After TaxMed VA2AT2002-01-06
12VA2FBTFederal Preferred Plus Before TaxMed VA2BT2002-01-06
20BASICFEGLI - Basic LifeLife Basic2002-12-08
2RLIFE AFEGLI - Option ALife Opt A2001-01-01
2SLIFE BFEGLI - Option BLife Opt B2001-01-01
2WLIFE CFEGLI - Option CLife Opt C2001-01-01
42TSPFCRFederal - TSP (CSRS Only)TSP CSRS2001-01-01
42TSPFERFederal - TSP (FERS only)TSP FERS2001-01-01
7XCSRSFederal Civil Service Ret SysRetireCSRS2001-01-01
7XFERSFederal Employees Ret SystemRetireFERS2001-01-01
7YTSP1%Federal TSP 1% AutomaticTSP1%FERS2003-06-19