Managing Position

HRIS Instructions & Reports

Position is an Important Key in HRIS

Hiring an employee in the correct position is critical because HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is driven by position. The position is the key to providing information to functions within HRIS and is the key to providing information for the University community. The position defines essential information that is used to process time and leave, payroll, budget data, management reporting, salary surveys, etc.

The position
  • designates whether or not it carries department head responsibilities. If an individual is hired as interim department head, dean, etc. and is not hired in the position that has been designated as the "department head," important administrative reports (i.e., salary survey, position compares, etc.) will be incorrect. It is possible to have two incumbents in the same position in such cases.
  • notifies University applications when the incumbent in the position carries KEAS authority ability to grant employees temporary access/privileges to e-mail and University databases. If a personnel specialist is hired and is not hired in the position that has been designated as the department personnel specialist, the incumbent will not possess this unique authority.
  • defines the work schedule, holiday schedule, FLSA status, pay group, etc. used in the HRIS time and leave application. When hiring an employee, it's important that the individual is hired in the previous incumbent's position if that valuable information is to be carried over to the new incumbent.
  • identifies budgeted positions and uses the data found within position data (i.e., job code/title, FTE, etc.) to populate the University Budget. It's important to keep position information current so that when the budget is populated, the information is correct.
  • identifies curriculum and instruction program information for faculty.
  • identifies position categories for salary survey reporting and comparisons.
  • identifies campus mail address and telephone number for the incumbent. The mailing address is used for numerous mailings. The telephone number is used in the Campus Phone Book.
  • identifies those who are SSI Designees --those required to annually complete a Statement of Substantial Interest.
  • identifies the county in which the position is located.
  • identifies those positions that have supervisory responsibilities and identifies the incumbent's supervisor. This information is used to determine department reporting hierarchy. In the future, this information will be critical in the HRIS workflow process that will notify supervisors when their employee's performance reviews are due, and other similar electronic communications.