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Human Resources

Processing Graduate Student Transactions for Summer

Important Payroll Dates

Summer employment dates and semester dates are available at Payroll and Employment Dates.

Employment Eligibility

For employment during the summer a graduate student must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Be enrolled in three semester credit hours during the summer or
  2. Been enrolled in at least six credit hours the previous spring semester

If the student doesn't meet either of these criteria, they cannot begin employment until the start of the fall semester.

Employment Dates

See the Employment Date Chart for 2015 (pdf).

Graduate Student Appointment

  • For graduate student employees being appointed for the first time or after a break in service of one day or more you will need to submit a Graduate Student Appointment Form (PER-41). Indicate if the employee has any prior KSU service or service with another State of Kansas agency.
  • A background check is required for graduate student employees.  Please refer to the Criminal Background Checks PPM 4015
    • We encourage departments to use the Template Based Hire function to hire new graduate students.  After completing the template, the department liaison may download and print the PER-41.  
  • For rehires with no break in service you need to change the Appointment End Date (pdf) or submit a Change or Separation Form (PER-39).
  • In addition to the PER-41, supporting documents are also required for hires and rehires. Examples of required forms are the Background Check, K-4 Form, Form I-9, Substance Abuse Policy, etc.
  • Completion of the Spoken English Assessment section of the PER-41 form is required for all new Graduate Teaching Assistants.
  • An On-Campus Work Permit is required for non-resident alien employees.  Department HR liaisons should electronically request the work permit through International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).
  • The Employee Oath must be completed and notarized for all new hires.  For rehires, the Employee Oath is not required unless the employee has been off the payroll for one year.
  • For a rehire, please verify that both the student’s address and direct deposit information (if applicable) in HRIS are up-to-date.  When a student terminates, this information is not deleted from HRIS unless the employee has been terminated on all employment records for more than one year.

Graduate Student Short Work Break

  • 9-month graduate students will be placed on short work break effective 5/24/2015.  These employees are considered active with regard to employment with K-State, but inactive with regard to payroll.  Graduate employees cannot be paid while on short work break. See the Timeline for Graduate Student Short Work Break (pdf).
    • If a graduate student has a summer appointment while on short work break, the hiring department must submit the PER-41 and hire them on a record number that is different from their academic year record.  The hiring department should also use a different position number than their academic year record.

Summer School Appointments - Graduate Teaching Assistants

  • Individual Graduate Student Appointment Form (PER-41) are not required for summer school appointments if the person held a graduate student appointment during the preceding spring semester. The information provided by the colleges will be forwarded to HCS for processing into HRIS. Individual appointment forms are only required on new Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Summer Appointments - Graduate Research Assistants