Human Capital Services Newsletter-March 2, 2015


Additional Pays

The end of the semester will soon be here, bringing with it additional pays for awards and bonus payments. Here are some tips to expedite the process.

  • Employees must be in pay status for an additional pay to be issued.
  • When completing the top portion of the Additional Pay Form, use the employee's home department information. Incorrect department and position information can result in errors in funding.
  • All forms must be signed by the appropriate Department Head, Dean and Provost. Failure to obtain signatures will delay processing.
  • Net amounts (employee to receive a specified net payment), set amounts (gross and employer charges equal specified amount) and bonus payments are issued on a supplemental.

Human Capital Services (HCS) processed 729 additional pays in FY14, and we have processed 508 thus far in FY15. Questions may be directed to Shari Liming at or at (785) 532-1890.

Mid-Year Benefits Changes

Health insurance, flexible spending and health savings mid-year changes are still being handled through the appropriate change form and sent through the benefits office. These forms are available on employee forms. At this point, the State's Membership Administrative Portal (MAP) can only accommodate new hires and is not able to process mid-year changes. Please be sure your employees are continuing to send change forms and supporting documents to HCS benefits either via email,, or as a hard copy.

Please provide this information to anyone else in your office that works with employees with these mid-year changes.

Organizational Chart for Human Capital Services

For a quick reference, use HCS Organization chart (pdf). Each block/position includes the job title, staff member's name and their main job responsibilities, e-mail address and phone number.

Statement of Substantial Interest Report

Last week, an email including instructions and a request to run the Statement of Substantial Interest Report (SSI Master List) was sent to department liaisons. Please run this report and identify employees who need to be added or deleted from the report list and e-mail updated list/report to Becky Beckley at in Human Capital Services by Wednesday March 11, 2015.

Report: Workforce Administration > Job Information > Reports > SSI Master List

Template Based Hire

HRIS has a new feature ... Template Based Hire (TBH) is a method for hiring hourly and graduate students more efficiently into the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). TBH is for new hires only and is not intended for rehires or concurrent hires. By using TBH you will expedite the hire process and will be able to print the appointment form after the information has been entered into the template. Questions may be directed to your HCS Employee Data Representative.

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