Human Capital Services Newsletter-April 10, 2015


Introducing the Human Capital Services Call Center

Effective May 1st, Human Capital Services will be implementing a Call Center in the Resource Center & Operations unit. The HCS Call Center will be available for department HR liaisons who have questions with regard to employee transaction processing. A central phone line is being made available for assistance with questions on how to complete forms, what forms are needed for certain types of transactions, how to correct transaction forms that have already been submitted, employment dates, leave questions, and much, much more. The Call Center phone number is (785)532-1888. We will also offer an on-line chat for these types of questions.

Department liaisons currently have HCS representatives they contact regarding personnel transaction processing. While those representatives will still be available and will still be processing paperwork, we ask that department liaisons direct routine questions to the Call Center. Examples of routine questions are – When can a student start work in the fall? What paperwork is needed for a reclassification? How much is the leave payout for an employee upon retirement? When will an appointment be entered in HRIS for our employee?

Please contact your Resource Center & Operations representative with questions about the Call Center. We look forward to enhancing our services to the campus community!

Graduate Student Short Work Break

Last summer we implemented the short work break process for 9-month graduate students who do not work during the summer, but will be returning in the fall. The short work break places the employee on an inactive payroll; however, keeps them as an active K-State employee. This is similar to the summer unclassified 9-month involuntary leave of absence. When the employee returns in the fall, HCS will automatically activate their payroll status ... department HR liaisons are not required to submit rehire paperwork for these employees.

We will insert short work break rows for 9-month graduate students based upon the Appointment End Date designated in HRIS.

  • If Graduate Student is to terminate at the end of the Spring semester:
    • Appointment End Date must be changed to 5/22/2015, so a 5/23/2015 termination row will insert in HRIS job data.
  • If Graduate Student is not working this summer ... going on Short Work Break:
    • Appointment End Date must be changed to 5/23/2015, so a 5/24/2015 Short Work Break row will insert in HRIS job data.
  • If Graduate Student is working this summer:
    • Appointment End Date must be after 5/23/2015, so the employee is not automatically placed on Short Work Break or terminated.

For those graduate students who are placed on short work break but have an appointment at some point during the summer, HCS will place the summer appointment on a different record number than their academic year position. Also, please assign a different position number than their academic year position for these summer appointments.

If you have questions, please contact your Resource Center & Operations representative. Watch for additional information regarding this process next week.

Live Your Best. #PurpleIsProgress

Human Capital Services and the Benefits team recently launched a wellness initiative for the holistic wellness of K-State employees. In 2015 we are focusing on financial wellness and physical wellness.

Starting in January 2015, the team, in conjunction with TIAA-CREF, offered three financial wellness workshops: "The Starting Line," "Equally Prepared," and "She's Got It – A women to women workshop." There will also be financial wellness workshop offered in April at K-State Olathe and two in May, one at K-State Salina and one at the Manhattan campus.

If you attended the town hall meeting on April 2nd, you may have received a wellness bracelet. The benefits team would love your support by continuing to wear your bracelet. If you didn't receive one, or would like to have some to hand out to within your department, email and we'll get them out to you. Be looking for more financial and physical wellness opportunities coming up in the fall semester!

Hiring Process Contacts

The hiring process has transitioned from the Office of Institutional Equity to Talent Acquisition. As a result, effective immediately, please contact your Talent Acquisition partner directly at their phone extension for questions regarding the hiring process. If you are unsure of who to contact, please visit our staff page to determine the correct team member. For questions regarding the University's Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, please call the Office of Institutional Equity at 532.6220.

On-Campus Work Permit Changes for F1 Students

Beginning May 17, 2015, on-campus work permits for international students on F-1 visas will no longer be required. Human Capital Services (HCS) and department liaisons will track work authorization expirations using the Form I-9 and supporting documents. Individuals with J-1 (including students), H-1B, TN and O-1 will require on-campus work permits issued by ISSS (International Student & Scholar Services).

HCS and ISSS have developed a Work Authorization Policy and Procedures Reference Guide (pdf) for completing I-9's for F-1 international students. If you have questions on verifying documents, please feel free to contact ISSS by emailing or calling 785-532-6448. Questions on completing the Form I-9 may be addressed to Candy Walsh (785-532-1886) or Frieda Beat (785-532-1884).

Reimbursement of Moving Expenses
Please share this with the appropriate staff.

Under certain conditions, KSU departments may reimburse a new employee for moving expenses. Here are some important reminders.

  • All moving reimbursements must be submitted through the KSU Foundation. Payments for moving expenses are not allowed on Business Procurement cards. This includes pre-house hunting trips or airline fares to begin employment.
  • Attach original itemized receipts to the request form.
  • Notify the new employee that
  • three bids must be obtained if using a moving company to transport employee's effects.
  • A completed Form DA-22 "Agreement for Reimbursement of Moving Expenses" must be include with the request form.
  • Payment for moving reimbursement are not issued until employee is on the payroll

Please refer to PPM Chapter 6320.050 for more information on moving expenses. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Cindy Sicard at (785) 532-1447 or e-mail at

Student Summer Employment

New hourly students may be appointed effective May 24th or after if they are - (1) enrolled in any number of hours for the summer; (2) pre-enrolled in at least 6 hours for the fall; or (3) have been admitted to study in the fall. Current hourly students enrolled in at least 6 hours during the spring may be hired at any time. Hourly students who graduate and those who will not be returning the fall, may remain on the payroll until classes start in the fall – August 23, 2015.

New graduate student employees may be appointed effective May 24th or after if they are enrolled in at least 3 hours during the summer. Current graduate students enrolled in at least 6 hours during the spring may be hired at any time. If the graduate student is pre-enrolled in the fall only and not currently a student (and won't be a student this summer), they may be hired effective August 16, 2015. Graduate students who graduate and those who will not be returning in the fall, must be moved to an hourly student appointment if their employment is to be continued beyond May 23, 2015.

Please contact your HCS Resource Center & Operations representative with questions.

Announcement: "Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your retirement" at K-State Olathe

In an effort to promote a healthier campus and community, Human Capital Services will be sponsoring a financial wellness workshop over the lunch hour on April 23rd. The financial workshop, "Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your retirement" is being presented by TIAA-CREF and will focus on saving for retirement and learning the essentials of retirement investing and plans. All employees and their financial partners are welcome to attend regardless of if they are enrolled with TIAA-CREF or not. The workshop is for all employees that would like to gain knowledge on protecting their financial future.

To sign up go to:

Event details:
Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your retirement
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
K-State Olathe - Great Plains Room 145B

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