Human Resources Newsletter-January 16, 2015


LearnSmart Offers Townhall Meeting on January 27

The State of Kansas has secured a computer-based training contract with LearnSmart, a company dedicated to interactive online learning experiences. Cathy Weiss, a representative from LearnSmart, will be on campus for a Townhall Meeting (pdf) on January 27 in the K-State Student Union, Room 226. She will be offering various sessions that day, including a lunch session.

Any K-State employee may attend as few or as many sessions as desired. RSVP is ONLY required for the luncheon. To reserve your spot for lunch, please email Cathy Weiss as seating will be limited.

Important Dates
Important dates are listed on our website ... check them out. Ex: Academic and Fiscal Year Dates, Summer Dates, School Semester Dates, Student Employment Dates, College Work Study Program Dates

Unclassified Vacation Leave Accrual for January 30th Paycheck

The January 30, 2015 paycheck is the third paycheck in the month of January. Unclassified employees who earn vacation leave do not earn vacation leave when there is a third paycheck in a month.

Unclassified employees are limited to earning 22 days (176 hours) of vacation leave in a fiscal year. They do not earn when there are three paychecks in one month. This occurs twice a year. They also don't earn the last two pay periods of the fiscal year. Please email your HR liaison with questions.

Recording eTime in HRIS

To assist those recording hours via HRIS/Employee Self Service, please direct them to the Recording eTime in HRIS web page for useful timelines and information.

Benefits News

The first employer contribution for HSA and HRA will be sent to US Bank for deposit with the January 16, 2015 paycheck. The first employee contribution for HSA is also deducted and sent to US Bank for deposit with the January 16, 2015 paycheck. However, deposits won’t be visible until January 19, 2015, or possibly Tuesday, January 20, 2015 due to the holiday. Please verify the employee HSA contribution was deducted from the January 16, 2015 by viewing paycheck. If you find a deduction wasn’t taken, please email If after Wednesday, January 21, 2015 a deposit hasn’t been credited to US Bank, please email

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