Human Capital Services Newsletter-March 14, 2015


Payroll Transfer Form (PER-44)

Departments that have ImageNow capabilities can now send transfers to HCS via ImageNow. This allows us to send forms back to departments (if needed) via email, speeding up the process.

Additionally, an area has been added on the form for the name, email and phone number of the individual completing the form. This contact information enables HCS staff to notify the individual when a transfer has been completed as well as the associated journal voucher.

The title "Old Funding" will be changing to "How Check was Funded" in an effort to clarify the requested information.

We hope these changes are helpful. If you have additional suggestions, please contact Shari Liming at

J1 Visa Status

Health regulations are changing for employees here on J1 visas in spring 2015. Employees working in J1 Visa status and eligible for benefits are required to be enrolled in Plan A. Plan C does not meet the minimum requirements mandated by the U.S. Department of State. International Student and Scholar Services informs the J-1s prior to their arrival that they cannot choose plan C. Please follow up with your department's newly appointed employees to ensure they are electing Plan A as opposed to Plan C when they are enrolling. The benefits unit is also watching this election choice, however, the unit often sees the election after it is made.

Questions? Contact Amanda McDiffett @ or 785-532-1870.

Waiting period for health insurance for employees first entering the U.S.

New employees who are required to have health insurance as a condition of obtaining a work visa for employment in the United States - (i.e. those coming as J-1 Exchange Visitors) may have the waiting period waived. Please note, this does not apply to employees transferring from other institutions. Please communicate with Human Capital Services benefits unit as soon as you are aware of this hire. The unit will work with your department to help ensure the coverage happens as soon as possible.

Questions? Contact RJ Steelsmith @ or 785-532-1872.

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