Human Capital Services Newsletter-July 31, 2015


  Hiring Improvement

The Talent Acquisition (TA) team continues to meet their milestones.  Beginning with the Kaizen in January, several improvements were identified to reduce steps, enhance the hiring process and the candidate experience.  The end results are significant reductions in steps which ultimately saves time.

 FromToEstimated Time Savings
Faculty139586 – 12 weeks
Unclassified773110 – 16 weeks
USS23723 – 7 weeks

HCS Kaizen identified improvements to reduce steps and save time.
We have piloted the proposed improvements, ironed out wrinkles and we now are ready to implement phases 1 and 2 University wide. Over the last weeks, the TA team held road shows to answer questions about the improvements. Additionally, Dr. Cheryl Grice, Connie Pfaff-Eickhoff and James Johnson are spending time out in the colleges to support our partners through the change.

Talent Acquisition is very excited about all the feedback they have received about the training "Hiring Top Talent Update". Talent Acquisition also wants to recognize all of the stakeholders that have provided feedback on the forms and resources. The hiring toolkit will be updated and available online beginning August 1, 2015. Search committees can begin using the streamlined process and resources on or before August 15, 2015.

In our efforts to recruit top candidates Jacquee Stubbings, Melissa Klein, and Michelle Broky have visited and toured surrounding technical colleges and junior colleges to learn more about the schools and the programs and how they will support K-State's recruiting needs. This will be very helpful when recruiting for top talent in the USS hiring process.

For more information about the new and improved hiring process, please contact Talent Acquisition at 785.532.6277.

HRIS Payroll Funding

Please communicate the importance of timely HRIS payroll funding updates to all who are responsible for funding including those who are responsible for grant funding to ensure an accurate final paycheck can be calculated for employees, eliminating the need for payroll adjustments.

HRIS Payroll Funding Training

Establishing and Maintaining Payroll Funding Using HRIS

WHR088, Session 31, Wednesday, August 5, 10:00 - 12:00 noon
WHR088, Session 32, Thursday, August 6, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Register via HRIS Employee Self Service or e-mail Please include your name, department, employee ID (required), course title, course number (WHR088) and session number.

Managing Employee Information in HRIS

Each year, for major administrative fiscal year reports, data must be verified and/or updated by October 1. It is a good practice to update academic rank, contract data and unclassified data (tenure and faculty senate status) when changes occur.

Contract data has been automatically loaded for Fiscal Year 2016 for those who hold regular, probationary and tenured contracts. Please verify/update contract data if necessary as well as update contract data for those with term or adjunct appointments.

Process and report instructions for updating this important information may be found under Managing Employee Information. The following report may be run to verify this information.

Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > Unclassified Data

Questions may be referred to your HCS Resource Center & Operations representative at (785) 532-6277.

Movement Challenge - Captain Nominations

We need your help! In 2015 Kansas State University started a holistic wellness campaign for all K-State employees. Starting early this fall, K-State employees will be encouraged to participate in a movement campaign challenging each employee to move 10,000 steps per day. The challenge will run for 4 weeks and each week encourages the employee to have greater participation than the previous week. For example, the challenge requests employees to make realistic goals for themselves and to improve upon those goals each week. Another component of this challenge is a departmental competition. The department with the most average steps per participant will be receive a trophy, bragging rights, and a presentation of the award. We envision the personalized goal setting and external competition will allow employees who are motivated in different ways to be engaged in the challenge. Participation is not required but it will be encouraged, and this is where you can help us have a successful challenge. We are searching for individuals to become Team Captains for departments. An ideal Team Captain would be one that is motivating to others, sets a good example of "Living their Best", and cares about improving the wellbeing of their team members. Our hope is that with support in the departments, we will be able to motivate more people to step up to the challenge! Please complete the Captain Nomination Form to give us your top picks by Friday August 7th, 2015. Don't forget you may nominate yourself too!

Questions? Contact the Benefits Team by emailing

New Employees Need to Create/Register a K-State eID

All new K-State employees, except student employees, need to create/register a K-State eID. The eID will become their K-State user name and will become part of their K-State e-mail address. It will also be used to enroll in classes, access K-State Online, view/update Employee Self Service/HRIS (i.e., paycheck data, personnel information, leave balances, eTime, etc.) and provide access to other resources.

Workforce Administration > Workforce Reports > Unclassified Data

Questions may be referred to your HCS Payroll & Employee Data representative at (785) 532-6277.

K-State eID - Granting Privileges to New Employees

After new employees create/register a K-State eID, it is IMPORTANT to grant privileges to new employees (excluding hourly and graduate students) to enable immediate access to K-State e-mail, calendar and emergency notification system.
This process ... Granting Privileges ... may also be used to keep an e-mail account active for an employee who has been separated from the university and will be reappointed.

Questions regarding registering a K-State eID or granting privileges to new employees may be directed to the IT Help Desk at or at 785-532-7722.

Unclassified Vacation Leave

Unclassified employees did not accrue vacation leave for pay period ending 7/18/2015, paycheck dated 7/31/2015. The 7/31/205 paycheck is the third paycheck in the month of July. Since unclassified employees are limited to accruing 176 hours (22 pay periods out of 26) each fiscal year, most unclassified employees also did not earn vacation leave for the last two pay periods of the fiscal year (i.e., pay periods ending 5/23/2015 and 6/6/2015).

Please contact the HCS Resource & Operations Center representative with questions.

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