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Template Based Hire

Template based hire (TBH) is a method of hiring hourly and graduate students more efficiently into the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). TBH is for new hires only. It is not used for rehires or concurrent hires. By using TBH you will expedite the hire process. You will be able to print the appointment form after the information has been entered into the template.

I-9 Consortium

Need to hire someone out of the area, but having trouble getting their I-9 completed?  The I-9 Reciprocal Processing Consortium identifies institutions outside of Kansas that may be contacted to assist employees with completing the Form I-9.

Payroll Chat

Want to find out how you can help get future papers worked? Read about that and more in the December Payroll Chat.

Payroll Transaction FAQ's (pdf)

Read about some of our most common questions and how to speed up paperwork processing.