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Policies and Guidelines


KSU Policies & Procedures Manual (PPM)
The definitive guide to K-State Policies.
Background Checks
Information, policy and forms for criminal background checks.
Classified Employee's Handbook
Policies, procedures and regulations for Classified Staff.
Conflict of Interest Policy
Policy to manage real or apparent conflicts of interest and time commitment.
General Policies & Related Forms
General Policies for Faculty and Staff from the Office of Academic Personnel
Intellectual Property Policy
This policy applies to all employees, including students, who create intellectual property related to the scope of their employment while under contract with K-State.
Kansas Administrative Regulations(K.A.R.)
Index to the complete collection of Kansas Regulations.
Leave Advancement Policy (pdf)
State of Kansas Leave Advancement Policy for Classified Employees
Leave Advancement Policy Extended to All Employees Who Earn Leave (pdf)
State of Kansas Leave Advancement Policy for All Leave-earning Employees
Substance Abuse Policy
State of Kansas policy which applies to all state agencies.
University Handbook
Policies, procedures and regulations for Unclassified Faculty and Staff.


Benefits Enrollment-Change-Notification Timelines
Timelines and requirements for participation in Benefits programs for use by Personnel Specialists
Classified Staff Employment Summary (pdf)
Classified job pay grades, pay rates, classification, job code and category.
Independent Contractor vs. Employee
IRS rules regarding distinguishing between an independent contractor and an employee.
Layoff Plan for Classified Staff (pdf)
General information, guidelines and procedures for layoff of classified employees.
Leave Reporting
Information for Timekeepers about reporting time and leave.
Military Status and Disabled Veteran's Definition
Definitions for Veteran Status and Military Disibility.
Non-Resident Alien Employment
Forms and information about employing non-resident aliens.
Personnel Files in ImageNow
References for retention of personnel files, HR official personnel files as well as departmental copies of personnel files in electronic format.
Transaction Checklists
Lists of forms required for each type of personnel transaction.
Transaction Guidelines-Classified Staff
Instructions, Policies and Procedures for Classified Staff personnel transactions.
Transaction Guidelines-Faculty/Unclassified Professional Staff
Instructions, Policies and Procedures for Faculty and Unclassified Staff personnel transactions.
Transaction Guidelines-Graduate Student
Instructions, Policies and Procedures for Graduate Student personnel transactions.
Transaction Guidelines-Hourly Student
Instructions, Policies and Procedures for Hourly Student personnel transactions.
Transaction Guidelines and Procedures for Summer
Special instructions, Policies and Procedures for personnel transactions occuring during the summer months.