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Notary Public Instructions

Most KSU departments require that the personnel specialist in their department become a Notary Public, to notarize various official university documents and signatures on appointment papers. To become a Notary Public for your department, approval from the Department Head must be obtained. The following documents must be completed and submitted to the Division of Human Resources (not directly to the Secretary of State office). The Notary Public Appointment Program Administrator will then arrange for the bond, filing fees, and forwarding of the forms to the Secretary of State.

NOTE: Renewal applications should be submitted to Human Resources using the forms indicated below approximately one month prior to the expiration date.

  1. You will need to coordinate the purchase of a Notary Public seal or rubber stamp with your official name on it as shown on your application with your departmental office supply/purchasing agent. You will need to use current office supply contracts (Staples) or follow local authority for purchasing your notary stamp.
  2. Notary Public Appointment Form (pdf). Complete Part A. Personal Information and Part B. Oath sections of the Notary Public Appointment Form, having your signature notarized by a current Notary. You will need the notary stamp mentioned in step 1 to be able to complete this form.
  3. Request of Notary Public (pdf). Complete and print the Request of Notary Public form, having the department head sign the form to ensure approval is obtained. This form will provide the information needed to have the invoice sent from the bonding company to your department for payment.
  4. Send both forms to the Division of Human Resources, Notary Public Appointment Program Administrator, 103 Edwards Hall for processing.

As soon as the Notary application has been approved by the Secretary of State, the appointment certificate and expiration date will be mailed to the applicant at their residence as indicated on the appointment form.

Questions may be directed to the NPA Program Administrator at 785 532-6277.

Kansas Secretary of State Information: