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Initial Screening of Candidates Prior to Interview (AA-28)

Fill out the Initial Screening of Candidates Prior to Interview (pdf) or in Excel

The purpose of the screening form is to refine the applicant pool to include only the best qualified candidates in terms of job-related requirements. The screening is primarily accomplished by reviewing the candidate's application forms.

Filling out the form

  1. Review the Position Description and Performance Standards for the position to be filled.

  2. Determine the job qualifications for the position and list them across the top of the form

    NOTE: "Education" and "work experience" should not be listed as job qualifications. Rather, list the specific job-related skills, abilities, and knowledge that are acquired through education and experience. For example, two candidates may have had the same number of years of experience, with one candidate having had work experience using the specific computer and typing skills required for the job. In this instance, only the candidate with the relevant experience would qualify in such job-related categories as "computer skills" and "typing skills".

  3. Enter the candidates' names on the left side of the page.

  4. Enter the weight for each job qualification across the top of the page. The simplest weighting scheme will have a total of 100 points possible, with each weight being a multiple of five (5, 10, 15, etc.). Greater weights should be assigned to those qualifications that are judged to be more important to the overall performance of the job and/or those that consume a larger percentage of the employee's work time.

  5. Rate each candidate on each job qualification. Multiply the rating by the weight. Finally, add the subtotal scores for the job qualifications to arrive at a "grand total" for all candidates.

  6. Interview those candidates who received top scores on the "Initial Screening" form. You must interview all those candidates who received higher scores than the lowest-scoring candidate interviewed. When making the final selection, also consider information obtained from the interview and references. In the "Explanation" section on the PER-10 indicate job-related reasons for final selection, and any other comments that may apply (e.g. candidate withdrew from consideration, etc.).

After job qualifications and a weighting system have been determined for a specific position, revision will be required only if the position is altered in some manner. Return the Initial Screening of Candidates Prior to Interview form to Human Resources, Employment Services, upon completion of recruitment.