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Veterans' Preference

Veterans' Preference Applicants who score in all areas of preferred criteria are entitled to an interview regardless of their score on the initial screening document.

Changes to the State's Veterans' Preference policy as authorized by 2008 Substitute for House Bill 2562 became effective on July 1, 2008. They are summarized below.

*New provisions for Veterans' Preference - (K.A.R. **1-6-21)***

Effective immediately for all classified positions eligible for Veterans' Preference.

  • Provisions now include the *spouse* of Veterans who are determined eligible for Veterans' Preference in accordance to the State of Kansas Veterans' Preference policy, K.S.A. 73-201. This provision applies to the spouse of a disabled Veteran, spouse of a POW or unmarried spouse of a deceased Veteran.
  • Within 30 calendar days of filling a position, applicants with "Veterans' Preference Verified" indicated on the Applicant Summary must be notified by *certified mail* if they were not selected for the position.
  • Only those applicants certified as Veterans who meet both the minimum requirements and the preferred selection criteria for the position are required to be offered an interview and considered for the position.
  • Criteria used to determine whether an applicant is qualified for the position must be signed and dated by the Appointing Authority or the Appointing Authority's designee.
Kansas Employee Preference

Employees who have been laid off after June 8, 2002, are eligible for Kansas Employee Preference. If a classified employee who has been laid off meets the minimum requirements for a vacant position and they present a copy of their Kansas Employee Preference letter to the Division of Human Resources, recruitment will cease and the individual will be entitled to claim the position.

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Suggested Reference Check Questions

  1. Can you verify the following information?
    • Dates of employment
    • Salary
  2. In what capacity do you know (applicant name)?
  3. Can you tell me about his/her overall work performance and job knowledge?
  4. How did this individual relate with others (customers, co-workers, and supervisors)?
  5. Does this individual have any areas that need improvement?
  6. What was/is the reason for separation from your company?
  7. Is this individual eligible for rehire?
  8. Please give a brief description of the current or previous duties for the position this individual held.
  9. How does this individual respond to a stressful situation?

If the Vacancy requires supervisory experience, include the following questions

  1. Was the individual's position one that included supervisory or lead worker responsibility?
  2. How many workers did this individual supervise?
  3. How would you characterize his/her performance as a supervisor?
  4. How would you characterize his/her supervisory ability?