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Resume Writing Tips

When Writing Your Resume

  • Make your objective relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Be specific when describing your experiences and qualifications.
  • Use "bullet" format where appropriate.
  • Use short paragraphs—preferably no longer than five lines.
  • Make sure the resume and the cover letter are errorless. Proofread, and have others proofread for you too.
  • Rewrite a resume for a specific position with a specific company. It's extra work but may very well pay off.
  • Use quality bond white or off white paper. Avoid the appearance of a photocopied resume.
  • Be sure that your resume represents you well; it is an employer's first impression of you.
  • Include your references on a separate sheet of paper. Include reference name, current title, place of employment, business address and phone number.
  • Give each of your references a copy of your resume or make sure you have permission from your references to use their name.

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  • List hobbies, sports and social activities.
  • State "References available on request."
  • Put in social security number, your spouse's occupation, and your personal philosophies.
  • Use exact dates. Months and years are sufficient.
  • Include your company number unless your immediate boss is aware of your departure.
  • Lie.
  • Use personal references.

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Suggestions for Resume Headers

  • Objective
  • Career Objective
  • Job Interest
  • Employment History
  • Related Experience
  • Work Experience
  • Professional Experience
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Professional Highlights
  • Professional Strengths
  • Accomplishments
  • Skills and Accomplishments
  • Computer Skills
  • Computer Experience
  • Workshops and Courses
  • Courses and Seminars
  • Internships
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Honors and Awards
  • Volunteer Skills
  • Activities
  • Future Goals
  • Personal Profile
  • Special Abilities
  • Volunteer Skills
  • Education
  • Management Skills

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Action Verbs

Clerical Financial Technical Communication
  • Arranged
  • Compiled
  • Generated
  • Maintained
  • Organized
  • Processed
  • Scheduled
  • Analyzed
  • Audited
  • Balanced
  • Budgeted
  • Forecast
  • Marketed
  • Projected
  • Adapted
  • Calculated
  • Designed
  • Devised
  • Managed
  • Programmed
  • Upgraded
  • Addressed
  • Contacted
  • Convinced
  • Directed
  • Explained
  • Interacted
  • Persuaded
Service Management Helping Additional
  • Assembled
  • Built
  • Operated
  • Prepared
  • Remodeled
  • Repaired
  • Tested
  • Administered
  • Attained
  • Coordinated
  • Directed
  • Evaluated
  • Improved
  • Supervised
  • Assessed
  • Coached
  • Counseled
  • Demonstrated
  • Facilitated
  • Motivated
  • Represented
  • Achieved
  • Expanded
  • Resolved
  • Supported
  • Translated
  • Utilized
  • Volunteered

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Resume Types and Samples

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume lists your professional experience chronologically, starting with your most recent position. The use of action verbs describes your work experience and highlights your transferable skills.

  • Advantages
    • Easiest to prepare
    • Minimizes the amount of interpretation an employer will have to do
    • Shows your professional experience in the field of interest
    • Emphasizes continuity and growth in the professional workforce
  • Disadvantages
    • Hard to communicate strengths and qualities
    • Shows gaps in employment

Sample Chronological Resume (pdf)

Functional Resume

A functional resume summarizes your professional "functions" or experience and avoids or minimizes your employment history.

  • Advantages
    • De-emphasizes short-term work history, since it outlines transferable work skills
    • Useful for recent graduates who don't have a lot of professional experience in their field, but do have relevant coursework or training.
    • Minimizes dates, for "returning employees" after an absence from the workforce
    • Emphasizes skills you have that haven't been used in recent work experiences
  • Disadvantage
    • Hard to know what the applicant's duties were in previous positions

Sample Functional Resume (pdf)

Combination Resume

A combination resume incorporates features from both chronological and functional resumes. It allows you to list your employment history, starting with your most recent position, and focus on other related skills you have obtained.

  • Advantages
    • Emphasizes skills and talents
    • Highlights work experience
  • Disadvantage
    • Shows gaps in employment

Sample Combination Resume (pdf)

Recognition goes to the Office of Human Resources at the University of Minnesota for their Resume Tutor and the Kansas Department of Human Resources