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Employee Relations
Kansas State University
103 Edwards Hall C104
Manhattan, KS 66506-4801
785-532-3188 (fax)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CST)
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Access to Personnel Records

You are one of the few people who have access to your personnel file. The information in your file is used to determine your pay and benefits, and for other related personnel purposes. If you wish to reveiw your file or photocopy any of your records, please schedule an appointment with the Division of Human Resources. Only your immediate supervisor and other University officials with an employment related reason may review specific documents in your personnel file without your written authorization.

A prospective employer, individual or firm may request to view your personnel file. This request will only be granted if the request is submitted in writing to the Division of Human Resources and is accompanied by a written authorization from you. Federal and State agencies having a proper interest and an established need, may review an employee's personnel file without written authorization. All such inquiries will be referred to the Division of Human Resources for approval.