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Mediation is a process in which a professional negotiator meets with the parties in conflict and helps them look for mutually acceptable solutions to the issues in dispute.

The mediator does not make the decisions, but instead works with the parties to identify their needs and interests and to develop creative options for resolving the conflict that are mutually acceptable.

The mediation process

  • Allows the parties to create their own solutions, which results in a higher probability of follow-through;
  • Is particularly effective when the disputing parties want or need to continue the relationship;
  • Helps resolve the conflict more quickly that more traditional methods of resolving conficts and complaints;
  • Is informal and confidential. Mediation takes place around a table in a private office. Parties can protect their privacy because there are no public hearings or public documents; and
  • Allows the parties to look at ways to prevent conflicts in the future.