Direct Deposit

Kansas State University requires payroll direct deposit for all employees.

Employees with an existing checking or savings account may sign up for direct deposit or make changes to their direct deposit by going to Employee Self Service, or completing an Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay and submitting it to the Division of Human Resources. 

Paycard Program

The State of Kansas has a partnership with Skylight Financial, Inc. (associated with U.S. Bank) to provide a Skylight paycard to employees who do not have a checking or savings account.  The highlights of the paycard are:

  • No credit check required
  • No minimum balance
  • FDIC insured ATM/debit based bank account
  • Employees won’t have to pay high check cashing fees
  • Employees won’t have to carry large amounts of cash
  • Skylight can serve as a credit reference
  • Direct withdraws (i.e. car loans) can be established
  • Travel and expense reimbursements can be deposited to the card

Those employees who do not have an account at a financial institution (credit union, bank, saving institution) will be assigned the Skylight pay card. Contact Dennis Jones at or (785) 532-6277 for more information.

More information:

Direct Deposit and Paycard Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Direct Deposit Program?
Direct Deposit is also known as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). It is the transfer of funds from the State of Kansas account to an employee’s checking or savings accounts at participating banks, savings and loan associations or credit unions. The term bank is used generically in these questions and answers to describe any financial institution.
Must I participate in the Direct Payroll Deposit Program?
Yes, on May 21, 2010 the Department of Administration announced the implementation of a policy of 100% direct deposit for employee payroll and travel and expense reimbursement with all payments made on or after October 1, 2010.
What happens if I do not enroll in direct deposit?
You will be automatically enrolled in the Skylight Paycard Program.
What is the Skylight Paycard Program?
Skylight Paycard Program provides you with a safe and convenient alternative to cash and checks. Your money is direct deposited into an account and can be accessed across the country and around the world at your convenience.
Are there any costs to my participating in Direct Deposit?
How long does it take to set up or change the Direct Deposit of my payroll funds and/or travel and expense reimbursements?
It only takes a few minutes in Employee Self Service and direct deposit is effective with the next available pay period. Sign up or changes may also be submitted by completing the Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay (pdf). Refer to the Direct Deposit Form instructions.
Is it possible to have a portion of my payroll funds or travel and expense reimbursement put into my savings account and the balance in my checking account?
Yes, you may designate up to a maximum of six financial institutions with up to nine accounts for payroll funds but only one account for your travel and expense reimbursement direct deposits.
How will this affect my current payroll deductions, as for group insurance premium, flexible spending account, etc.?
These deductions will remain the same unless you make a change to them.
How do I know my pay has been deposited or how much was deposited?
Paycheck information is available online through the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Employee Self Service. Online pay information can typically be viewed as early as the Friday before payday. The advice date at the top indicates the date that the pay will be deposited into your account(s). The pay information will also include all information regarding taxes and deductions as well as the account type and account number(s) in which the pay was deposited.
What is the earliest date I can make a cash withdrawal on the amount of the Direct Deposit?
The same day as the Direct Deposit is made to your bank.
What if my bank did not receive my Direct Deposit or the amount does not agree with the amount indicated on my Payroll Deposit Advice?
This is highly unlikely; however, if it should occur, contact your department's Personnel Specialist. They will initiate the appropriate action to correct the situation.
What if I change banks or close accounts? What do I have to do?
Go to K-State Employee Self Service and make your changes by deleting and adding new accounts or complete a new Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay (pdf) and send it to the Division of Human Resources, 103 Edwards Hall. The change will be effective for the next available pay period.
Will all my payroll funds and/or travel and expense reimbursement be Direct Deposited?
Yes, all payroll funds and travel and expense reimbursement will be directly deposited.
What if my bank is not a member of the Direct Deposit System?
You may choose to move your account to a participating bank or use the Paycard.
How will payroll funds or travel and expense reimbursement be paid at termination?
The final payments will be directly deposited.
Direct Deposit asks for my checking or savings account number and my bank's transit number. How do I find that information?
Direct deposit Employee Self Service has an example which shows where these can be found. Account numbers and the transit routing number are normally noted at the bottom of checks and deposit slips. If you choose not to use Employee Self Service, your department's Personnel Specialist may help you complete the Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay (pdf) using a voided check from your checking account or a deposit slip for your savings account, or you may contact your bank for assistance. The voided check and/or savings deposit slip should be attached to the authorization form.
What happens when the payday is a holiday payday?
Payroll will be deposited every other Friday (or the closest preceding workday if Friday is a holiday).
What happens if I terminate employment and am subsequently rehired?
You may view and update your banking information in Employee Self Service If you choose not to use Employee Self Service your department's Personnel Specialist can verify your information through the Human Resource Information System. You may need to complete Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay (pdf) for changes to your Direct Deposit for this term of employment.
Who should I contact if I have questions?
You may contact your department's Personnel Specialist or the Division of Human Resources.