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Teachers and Employees Association (TEA) Supplemental Term Life Insurance

Teachers and Employees Association (TEA) Announces Upcoming Vote for Dissolution

The Board of Directors of the Teachers and Employees Association of Kansas State University has voted to present a resolution to the membership for consideration to dissolve the association. For numerous reasons cited in the TEA Resolution Explanation below, the Board has determined that it would be the appropriate time for the membership to consider such an action.

The special meeting and membership vote is scheduled for July 31, 2014 in the Edwards Hall Commons Conference Room at 3:00 pm. Proxy votes may be received via email until 11 days after the in person vote and will be counted at 2:00 pm on August 11, in the Recreational Services Conference Room.

Letter from TEA Board to Membership 6-25-14 (pdf)

TEA Resolution Explanation (pdf)

TEA Email Proxy (pdf)

TEA Resolution (pdf)

KPERS Optional Life TEA Comparison (pdf)

The Teachers and Employees Association (TEA) of Kansas State University is a member organization that offers the opportunity to purchase supplemental term life insurance to its members and their dependents (spouse and children). This program is designed to provide a source of economic security for the member and family.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company underwrites this voluntary program. The cost of the term life insurance is paid by the member through payroll deductions paid from the first paycheck each month. Retired members participating in TEA are billed annually.

Benefits eligible employees may enroll in TEA for up to $50,000 term life insurance coverage, if elected within 31 days of their hire date, without proof of insurability.

Coverage Levels

Member: $10,000 to $250,000 in $5,000 increments (not to exceed 5 times annual salary)

Monthly Rates:
Member’s Age
Monthly Rate
(per S1,000 coverage)
Under 30$0.044
30 - 34$0.055
35 - 39$0.066
40 - 44$0.099
45 - 49$0.143
50 - 54$0.209
55 - 59$0.396
60 - 64$0.605
65 - 69$1.177
70 - 74$1.903
75 - 79$2.266

TEA members may enroll or increase coverage for $20,000, without proof of medical insurability, within 30 days of marriage, change in marital status, birth or adoption of a child.

Employees may enroll in TEA anytime during the year - it is continuous enrollment.

Dependent Life
Dependent Life
Option I$2.21
Option II$4.29
Option III$9.60

Spouse:Option IOption IIOption III
69 and under$4,000$10,000$25,000
70 and over$1,000$ 1,000$ 1,000

Child (based on *age):Option IOption IIOption III
14 days and under 6 months$ 200$ 5,000$ 5,000
6 months and under 2 years$ 800$ 5,000$ 5,000
2 years and under 3 years$1,600$ 5,000$ 5,000
3 years and under 4 years$2,400$ 5,000$ 5,000
4 years and under 5 years$3,200$ 5,000$ 5,000
5 years and under 19 years$4,000$ 5,000$ 5,000
19 years and under 25 years
(if enrolled as a full-time student)
$4,000$ 5,000$ 5,000

*Child age 14 days through 19 years.
19 years and under 25 years if enrolled as a full-time student.


  • Option I coverage requires the member to be enrolled for at least $10,000 of term life insurance.
  • Option II coverage requires the member to be enrolled for at least $20,000 of term life insurance.
  • Option III coverage requires the member to be enrolled for at least $50,000 of term life insurance.

Employee Reduction Amounts:

  • Age 65 coverage reduced 50%.
  • Age 70 coverage reduced to $2,000;
    **Maximum coverage amount at age 70 & over - $2,000.

It is easy to enroll in the TEA term life insurance program. Just fill out the Metropolitan Supplemental Life Enrollment Form and Statement of Health Form and return them to the Division of Human Resources, 103 Edwards Hall. There is a one-time $10.00 processing fee which should accompany your enrollment form and statement of health. Please make the personal check payable to "TEA of KSU".

Coverage begins: Coverage will be effective on the first day of the month following satisfactory medical evident of insurability and approval of coverage by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. You will be notified by TEA of coverage begin date.

Payroll deduction: Premiums are deducted from the first paycheck of each month.