Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

The State of Kansas and Kansas State University provide an employer paid Long Term Disability Insurance plan for all benefits eligible employees. Coverage in this plan is effective on the first day of employment in a benefits eligible position. The insurance underwriter for this plan is UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits, LLC.

University Support Staff or Unclassified Employees in Positions Covered by KPERS or Regents Mandatory Retirement PlanThere is a 180 day waiting period before a disability decision is made. If approved for long-term disability, the employee receives 60% of their annual salary, payable in equal monthly installments. This income may be reduced by monies received from Workers’ Compensation and/or the Social Security Administration. This is a taxable income.

Short-Term Disability

and other voluntary insurance plans offered by and through:

The Kansas State Federal Credit Union has created a partnership with AFLAC to offer the following insurance benefits to all Kansas State University employees at a discounted rate. In order to take advantage of this reduced rate, you must be a member of the K-State Federal Credit Union. Monthly premiums will be deducted from your credit union account by AFLAC on the date of your choice. Click the K-State Credit Union logo for information on services and setting up an account.

  • Short Term Disability: As of August 1, 2014, the short term disability offering has been put on hold for review by AFLAC corporate offices. This does not affect employees who are already enrolled.
  • Cancer Insurance: Initial lump sum paid upon diagnosis plus benefits for surgery, hospitalization, chemo, radiation, anti-nausea drugs, travel, and much, much more. Pays back annual wellness benefits for pap smear, PSA, mammograms, etc. Two levels to choose from.
  • Critical Care & Recovery: Pays $5,000 upon diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, coma, paralysis, and several other conditions. Additional benefits for hospitalization, rehab, ambulance, etc.
  • Accident Insurance: Pays $120 for initial trip to a doctor, emergency room or emergency care facility, chiropractor, dentist, etc. due to any type of "accidental" injury. Additional benefits paid for follow-up visits, PT's, crutches, surgery, hospitalization, ambulance, and much, much more. Includes $60 annual wellness benefit. Two levels to choose from. Coverage is 24 hours per day, on-or-off the job.

Local contact for AFLAC is Linda Jones, 785-587-9337, or ljones@kansas.net. Her office is located at 714 Poyntz, Suite A, Manhattan, KS 66502.

K-State Credit Union membership is proudly offered to all university faculty and staff as a benefit, providing a multitude of financial products and services. We've partnered with AFLAC to bring all university employees who are K-State Credit Union members the best rates for short-term disability insurance that AFLAC offers. We not only care about your financial health, we care about you as a person! For information on our services and how to open an account, visit the K-State Credit Union website.