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For more information see the State Employee Health Plan website.

Consent to Receive Your W-2 Form Electronically

The State of Kansas offers all State of Kansas employees the opportunity to consent, view, and print their W-2 form electronically through the State of Kansas Employee Self Service. For employees who have not yet consented, log on to the State of Kansas Employee Self Service web site and consent to receive your W-2 electronically. Employees are encouraged to review the electronic W-2 flyer (pdf) for information on how to consent and access W-2 information online. Note, as a State of Kansas employees you must access the State of Kansas web site. The electronic W-2 forms are not accessible through KSU HRIS Employee Self Service.

Currently W-2s for 2008-2013 are available on-line. W-2s for 2014 will be available early in January, 2015. Printed W-2s, for employees who do not consent to receive their information electronically, will be mailed in late January, 2015.

For employees who already consented this year or the previous year, no action is required. Reminder, employees who consent to receive their W-2 form electronically will not receive a paper W-2 form.

Terminated employees can consent and receive their W-2 form electronically up to 18 months after their termination date.

See the Frequently Asked Questions (pdf) for more information. If you have any questions, please contact your department HR liaison.