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State Employee Health Plan Open Enrollment Oct. 1-31

Kansas State University employees may use their eID and password toview and enroll in health benefitsSelect Kansas State University as the identity provider in the drop down box, then press Select. Sign in with your K-State eID and password or if you are already logged into one of the K-State administrative systems, you will be signed on automatically.

Summary of Changes for Plan Year 2015

For more information see the State Employee Health Plan website.

Note: Employees may also use this link to access the Membership Application Portal; however, you will then need to create a new user ID and password as this site does not use our K-State user authentication.

KPERS Optional Group Life Insurance Open Enrollment Oct. 1-31

KPERS open enrollment for optional group life insurance is open October 1 - October 31, 2014. During open enrollment, benefits-eligible employees can enroll for guaranteed coverage of up to $25,000 without proof of health. Spouses can enroll for new coverage for up to $10,000 without proof of health.

Current KPERS group life members can also increase their optional coverage by up to $25,000 without proof of good health (as long as you haven’t been previously declined).

To enroll complete the enrollment form and return to KSU Human Capital Services

Employee Rates: KPERS Optional Life Insurance Rate Chart

Spousal Rates: KPERS Optional Life Insurance Rate Chart for Spouses