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Human Capital Services

As we continue to advance our vision and goals for K-State 2025, strategic and transformative leadership is necessary. Effective July 1, 2014, the Office of Human Capital Services is consolidating and integrating the human resource functions and services offered in the Office of Academic Personnel,Office of Affirmative Action and Division of Human Resources. The elevated level of service that results will take the development of our faculty and staff — K-State's greatest resource — to new heights.

Payroll Option for Employees on 9-Month Regular Appointments

Human Capital Services is pleased to introduce an Academic Year Salary Reserve Payment Option to nine-month employees on regular appointments. This payment option is designed to assist K-State employees who are paid over the academic year, and wish to set aside a portion of their biweekly pay in order to have their deferred funds paid back to them during the summer months, on regularly scheduled pay dates.

HealthQuest Rewards Program-Deadline Extended

The deadline to qualify for the 2015 premium incentive discount has been extended from July 31 to November 15, 2014.  Employees who have already qualified for 2015 can report their doctor, dental and vision appointments taking place during the extension period for credits in the next program year. They just need to wait until November 16 when the new program year begins to report these on the wellness portal.