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Kansas State University

Performance Management Process 2013-2014

Under the Performance Management Process, all State of Kansas classified employees will be consistently evaluated within all agencies. The Performance Management Process was implemented in 2009.

With the Performance Management Process, mid-year discussions and annual evaluations are conducted on a set range of dates. For most employees the first mid-year discussions will occur between April 1 and June 30 and annual evaluations will be due between October 1 and December 23 every year.

These forms and procedures are for reviews 2013-2014.

The Performance Management Process Form (DA-244) (pdf) is to be used to document the planning, coaching and reviewing processes. The form is available in multiple formats on the Review Forms page. Refer to the instructions for completing the performance management process form.



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Non-Monetary Award Ideas

  • Give the employee a Balloon (anchored with chocolate)
  • Hang a banner in employee's work area celebrating employee's accomplishment(s)
  • Give out Certificate of Appreciation
  • Decorate employee's work area in a fun way
  • Email to the employee acknowledging a job well done with a copy to their supervisor or department head
  • Select an Employee of the week/month for the unit/area
  • Send an "Exceptional Service" letter signed by the department head
  • Give Flowers
  • Have a bulletin board specifically for notes of recognition
  • Give immediate verbal or email feedback when employee does well
  • Lunch with department head
  • Nominate employee for classified staff award
  • Have a floating trophy that gets passed around for special accomplishments
  • Personal Thank You note (send it to the home address)
  • Place public acknowledgement(s) on a bulletin board, unit web site or newsletter
  • Hold quarterly or monthly dept./unit celebration for recognitions
  • Super stone - find a rock, decorate it, move it around as employees go above and beyond.
  • Take employee to Call Hall and buy them ice cream
  • Take employee to lunch or for coffee
  • Give tickets for an athletic or cultural event