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Performance Management Process Ratings

At the end of the review period, the supervisor will assign a rating to each of the objectives, rate essential requirements and core competencies and provide overall employee performance comments. The objectives ratings and other documentation on the form will substantiate the overall rating.

Authority for deciding the overall rating ultimately rests with the supervisor. The employee's signature does not necessarily signify agreement.

Performance Management Process Form Part IVc: Annual Performance Review: Overall Performance Review Rating

Indicate which level most appropriately describes the overall performance level of the individual. Add any comments that provide clarification to the Overall Review (may include unique circumstances, relevant career objectives, or other considerations).

Overall Performance Level:

An overall rating of Exceptional, Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory is assigned upon completion of an annual, probationary, or special review. The rating shall be substantiated by overall objectives, competencies, essential requirements, accomplishments and other documentation on the Performance Management Process form.

Exceptional: Employee is making outstanding contributions on a continual basis. Employee's achievements are clearly distinguishable from solid performers, and are highly valued by others. Employee consistently performs at a high level of competency.

Exceeds Expectations: Employee is making significant contributions and often exceeds objectives and expectations. Employee demonstrates a high level of competency.

Meets Expectations: Employee is making meaningful and valuable contributions. Employee has shown consistent and continual performance throughout the review period.

Needs improvement: Employee is inconsistent in performance. Employee sometimes meets expectations and requirements. Continual improvement is required to fully meet expectations.

Unsatisfactory: Employee is not making the contributions expected of an employee in this role. Employee may not be appropriately placed in the job. Immediate improvement is required.

A new employee who receives an unsatisfactory rating prior to the end of his or her probationary period will not be granted permanent status. If an employee is serving an initial probationary period, permanent status will not be granted and the employee will be dismissed.

The main types of reviews for classifed employees are Probationary, Annual and Special. Additional explanations of the types, length and circumstances of these reviews are covered in the Review Types.

Performance review appeals are explained in the PPM 4080.100 Performance Review Appeals