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Kansas State University

Position Descriptions Checklist

  • Ensure all signatures are original for the employee and supervisor as well as for the appropriate Department Head/Director or Dean/Vice President/Provost, as required by the college/unit.
  • Ensure the organizational chart is attached and includes position numbers, titles, and names.
  • Verify all task statements total 100%.
  • Verify all parts of each form are completed.
  • Ensure the current version is being used by accessing the forms through the website for Position forms.
  • If the position description is submitted for reclassification review, indicate the proposed new title (#12 on DA-281-2) and outline the reasons for the request (#18b on DA-281-2).
  • For DA-281-2, ensure there is a review statement after each duty or a summarized statement after the task statements.
  • For DA-281-2, ensure the "Minimum Requirements" listed in Item 27 are taken directly from the current State Classification Specifications. Preferred qualifications beyond the minimums are listed in Item 29.