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Kansas State University


Position Administration and Management (PPM Chapter 4210)

  1. Classification Administration
    1. Allocation
    2. Reclassification
    3. Recruitment Review
  2. Position Updates
    1. Regular
    2. Recruitment Review
    3. Annual Review Process
  3. On-Site Position Reviews
  4. Physical Requirements of Duties
  5. Essential Functions Determinations

Classified Budget Maintenance

  1. Full Time Equivalent (% of time) Movement
  2. Abolishment of Positions (due to FTE movement or redistribution, budget changes, transfer to unclassified or layoff)

Essential Functions

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Administration (PPM Chapter 4220)

  1. Classified
  2. Unclassified

Performance Management Process

State Division of Personnel Services Liaison

  1. State Specification Review
  2. Position Review for Information Technology
  3. Position Review, Other Agencies
  4. Statewide Classification Initiatives

Training Seminars and Educational Workshops

  1. Position Description Writing Workshop
  2. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overview
  3. Performance Management Process

Organizational Development

  1. Workflow Analyses
  2. Organizational Studies

Salary Survey Participation

  1. Local
  2. State
  3. National