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Honor and Integrity System

A Note to K-State Freshmen and Transfer Students


If you are new to K-State, welcome! Students, faculty, and staff associated with the Honor System hope your experiences here are exciting and rewarding, both in and out of the classroom. If we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please take a few moments to orient yourself about the K-State Honor System. You will see our posters in many of your classrooms and on the doors of faculty and staff. Some even appear in the residence halls. Our posters serve as a message to you about the seriousness with which we take the Honor Pledge.

Don't be caught off-guard about what your instructor expects from you when it comes to integrity in the classroom. If your instructor doesn't mention what he or she expects when the syllabus is handed out, make an appointment to talk with him/her and ASK. Some cheating such as looking off another student's test, taking a whole paper off the Internet, and handing in another person's work is obvious. Other instances may not seem like cheating to YOU, but your instructor may see these acts as dishonest. Protect yourself by becoming more aware and asking questions. Read the STUDENT TIPS section on this web site for more information about behaviors that could lead to violations and strategies on how to protect yourself.

Be advised that many instructors are taking precautions to reduce cheating. If you don't feel right about a behavior someone asks you to perform, such as signing a student's name on an attendance sheet when he or she is absent, the chances are high it is cheating and you may pay a heavy price for "helping" a friend.

If you are found responsible for a violation (this site briefly describes cases where students have been reported to the Honor System Director) of the Honor Pledge through some act of academic dishonesty, you may find yourself in a humbling situation. The typical penalty is an XF on your transcript. The K-State Honor System Honor Council is a body of 54 students and faculty who investigate allegations of Honor Pledge violations. Council members also sit on hearing panels when cases are brought to their attention. They take the Honor Pledge SERIOUSLY and ask you to think twice before deciding to cheat.

You may have seen a lot of academic dishonesty in high school or in other colleges. You may be used to helping and being helped by other students in doing homework and assignments. Here, ask before you engage in helping behavior. K-State has a good reputation in the classroom, as well as on the football field, and now the basketball court. Help uphold that reputation and YOUR character by being honest in your academic work.

We wish you well as you pursue your education as a K-State Wildcat!

The Honor System Staff and Honor Council