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Honor and Integrity System

Honor and Integrity System Professional Development

Introductions for Professional Development Modules

Honor Council professional development should be taken seriously by each member of the Honor Council.

If after you have completed the professional development modules you decide you no longer desire to be on the Honor Council, please inform the Director steveks@ksu.edu in the case of the Honor Council. It is imperative that all members understand and agree to perform the duties and responsibilities associated with the position.

In order to expedite your time in understanding the Honor & Integrity System and its procedures, we offer this on-line version of professional development. It is suggested you take anywhere from thirty to sixty (30-60) minutes for each of the three modules. This allows each Honor Council member to complete professional development at his/her convenience. This is not the only professional development that takes place. The Honor Council Chair and the Honor and Integrity System office staff design and present professional development sessions during both fall and spring semesters for new members. Professional Development tips are often given on the HC Listserv as well and via the Honor Council "course" via K-State Online. Please access this site for interactive discussions on current topics in academic integrity. Any member who wants one-on-one professional development need only call to schedule an appointment.


When you have completed the modules, please email the Honor & Integrity System Office an attachment of this Professional Development Form (Word format document). Click on the module title to go directly to the module.


Module 1: K-State Honor & Integrity System Basics/Serving as an Honor Council Member

  • Honor & Integrity System Components
  • Honor & Integrity System Basics
  • Student Development Perspective
  • Confidentiality
  • "All Call" Protocol
  • Commonly Used Terms
  • Accountability
  • Module 1 Questions

Module 2: Case Investigations

  • An Honor & Integrity System Case
  • Faculty Reporting of an Honor Pledge Violation
  • Talking with the Reporter of an Alleged Violation
  • Talking with the Alleged Violator (AV)
  • Writing Case Investigation Reports
  • Commonly Used Terms
  • Module 2 Questions

Module 3: Hearing Panels

  • Honor Hearing Panel Protocol
  • Consideration of Information
  • Effective Questioning
  • Standard of Proof
  • Suggestions for Deliberation
  • Sanctions
  • Commonly Used Terms
  • Module 3 Questions