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Honor and Integrity System

New Honor Council Members- Fall 2012 Semester

Welcome Aboard! If you have not received messages from the Honor-Council listserv, please let us know. All new members have been added; however, sometimes there are glitches.

Below is a quick list of things to do. Some items will help us in the office. Some items will help you learn more about your role and responsibilities as an Honor Council member.

_____Come by the office and meet us. We are in 215 Fairchild. We'll give you a brief tour.

_____Send the office (honor@ksu.edu) contact information that may be different than what is on line at the K-State directory. If you have a cell phone, please furnish that number as well.

_____Any chance you have, navigate through this web site. The more you do, the more you learn.

_____Complete the on-line Professional Development Modules. Attach the WORD document that states you have completed these modules to honor@ksu.edu Members must complete these (or attend the in person professional development sessions) before serving on cases.

_____Attend the professional development session (time is TBA).