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Honor and Integrity System

K-State Honor and Integrity System Generic Director Letter

This is only an example of the letter the Honor & Integrity System Director sends to students who have been reported for an Honor Pledge violation:


Student's K-State Email

Dear Student;

I have received an Honor System Violation Report from (Instructor Name/Rank/Teaching Department), which alleges you violated the Honor Pledge in (Course Name and Number) during the (specific) semester. (Instructor) alleges that you engaged in (specific behavior--plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, etc.) while completing (assignment, exam, etc.). Specifically, s/he stated that (uses instructor's own wording in many cases).

As a result of this action, (instructor) has sanctioned you with (specific sanction(s).

If you are interested in contesting this allegation, you should immediately make an appointment to meet with me to discuss the various courses of action available to you. Please email me at ___________.

Please review our Honor System Constitution and Investigation and Adjudication Procedures which explain our adjudication process. They can be found at our web site located at www.ksu.edu/honor. There you will find useful information including strategies for avoiding Honor Pledge violations.

Please call on me if I can be of assistance or answer any questions you may have. Please email me to let me know that you received this letter.


Honor & Integrity System Director
cc: (Instructor and Department) (Department Head)