My Oriental Album
sin0-japan action pictures Feb. to March 1932
Section of ruined Chapei
Chinese trench mortar
Chinese line near North Station
Ruins of Woosung City
Chinese machine gun nest
Dead sniper - Jukong Road
Japanese line
Armored car after bombing by Japanese
Japanese field artillery
Japanese armored cars N. Szechuen Rd.
Machine gun nest
Navy landing forces
Chinese boys
Chinese soldiers
U.S. Marines (Bulldogs)
French tanks
Taking it easy
Admiral being relieved
Another nest
Landing force
Chinese line in Chapei area
Japanese destroying railway
Cantonese entrenched - Woosung
Black Hawk landing force
Burning shops - N. Szechuen Road
Japanese sailors ready for an attack
On lookout for Chinese snipers
Chinese defense - North Station
Chapei in flames
Gen. Tsai and staff inspecting Chinese field piece
Captured Chinese machine gun nest
Japanese armored car near rail line
Japanese soldiers picking off snipers
Nipponese defense line (Japs)
Japanese sailors in Chapei
Burning buildings - N. Szechuen Road
Artillery officers - rifle range
Japanese waiting
Nipponese artillery in action
Admiral Nomura and Japanese Minister
Japanese battery in action
Japanese sailors on guard near settlement - Chapei boundary
Chinese train wrecked by Japanese bombs - Chenju
Jap bomber brought down by Chinese anti-aircraft
Range road cleared for action
Gen.Tsai - Commandant 19th Route Army
Japanese on Woosung Creek
Woosung garrison commander
9th Division Japanese troops
Japanese soldiers - Woosung area