My Oriental Album
shanghai, china
Captain’s inspection
River traffic
Chinese scow
Soochow Creek
What a sock this got
A glimpse thru a port hole
R.N. Trento
Modern China
Fountain in park
Mother and children of high caste
Union Church
Ricsha and its burden
Chinese pagoda
River boat
Stripping bark from logs
Scow underway
Scow anchorage
Under sail
Fast delivery
Admiral’s yatch and 
U.S.S. Rochester
Chinese tea garden
Japanese in Hongkew Park
Washing rice in dirty river
Inside the native city
Zig-zag bridge
What if the bridge broke
Looking up Nanking
Hongkew across Soochow Creek
Looking down Nanking
Garden Bridge and sampan anchorage
British consolate
Signal tower on Bund
Race track
Chinese funeral
Lunch stand
River traffic
In waiting
China Cruise 312
Astor House from Garden Bridge
Hard at work
French Consession
The meeting of Soochow Creek - Whangpoo Kiang
Water buffalo
Fishing along the Whangpoo Kiang
Post office
Street shops
Taken from New World Building
General post office, Shanghai
Foochow Road, Shanghai
Nanking Road, Shanghai
The Bund, Shanghai
The Great Wall, China
366,00 men 20 years
The Wing On Co. (Shanghai) Ltd., Shanghai
The I-ho Garden, Peking
Wan Shou Hill, Peking
View of Hangchow
View of Hangchow
The Yorh-Fei Temple, Hangchow
The “Thunder Peak” Pagoda, Hangchow
Glimpses of the Orient
Six little pals of the drunkards
Dutch Indies currency Java
War area - note B.H.
Temple of Good Earth
Peking, China