My Oriental Album
China Cruise 119
U.S.S. Blackhawk and its brood
U.S.S. Houston - Flagship
B. Hawk - Shanghai
Gen. Li Kuo - Chief of Staff 19th Route Army
Odeon Theater on fire
Gen. Tsai - Commander 19th Route Army
Japanese field gun Hongkew Park
Japanese bomber in her glory shot down by Chinese Archies
Gen. Chao Yi-Chi 18th Chinese Army
Japanese Sailors in settlement
Gen. Chen - 19th Route Army
Nipponese troops in settlement
Civilian applauding when first bomb was dropped
Killed in action
Bird’s eye view Chapei after fight
Shambles - behind the Japanese
Ruins of Chapei Shanghai
Dead Chinese soldier
His last fight - North Station
Chinese trench after retreat
Dead Chinese civilian - Chapei
Chapei after the fight - Shanghai
Note: Please be advised that the material in this section contains some graphic images that may be objectionable to some.