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Department of History

Robert D. Linder, University Distinguished Professor

Robert LinderOffice: 117 B Calvin Hall
Email: rdl@ksu.edu

"History, religion, politics, baseball! These are the important things of life. What else is there?" -- Professor Bob Linder


History of Modern Christianity from the Reformation to the Present

History of Religion and Politics in Europe, Australia and the United States

Select publications

"Pierre Viret on War and Peace," Calvin Theological Journal, vol. 48 (June 2013): 122-130.

"Reformation Studies in the Early Twenty-First Century," Occasional Paper No. 6, The Australian College of Theology, September 2012, 1-16.

The Reformation Era (London: Greenwood Press, 2008).

Co-editor and contributor, Making History for God: Essays on Evangelicalism, Revival and Mission (Sydney: Robert Menzies College, 2004).

The History of the Church (rev. ed., London: Angus Hudson LTD, 2002).

The Long Tragedy: Australian Evangelical Christians and the Great War, 1914-1918 (Adelaide: Openbook Publishers, 2000).

Co-editor, author of the Introduction and contributor, A Dictionary of Christianity in America(Chicago: IV Press, 1990).

Courses Taught
  • History of Christianity
  • The Reformation
  • Religion in American History
  • The History of Baseball in American Culture
  • Graduate Seminars in the History of Christianity, Religion and Politics, and War and Peace
Current Projects
  • In Press: Between Heaven and Hell: A History of Australian Evangelical Christianity, 1788-2000.
  • Book manuscript in progress: A revised edition of Civil Religion and the Presidency, originally published by Zondervan/Harper Collins, 1988.
  • Book manuscript in progress: a biography of Frank Carlson, 1893-1987.
  • Book manuscript in progress: a biography of Pierre Viret, 1511-1571.