max-miller-1Saturday morning, March 30, five interns and former interns met to clean, organize, and preserve the photos, documents, and artifacts collected from Max Miller’s cabin last fall. In a bequest to Beach Museum of Art, Mr. Miller left an extraordinary personal collection of memorabilia, historic photos, personal photographs, and artifacts from his long life. Chapman Center participated in the initial sorting at the cabin; we worked to preserve a smaller collection on Saturday.

max-miller-2We were so fortunate to have the guidance of Allana Saenger, Curator of Design at Riley County Historical Society and one of the first Chapman interns back in 2008. Allana went on to complete a master’s degree at KU in Museum Studies.

Thanks to all who participated in our Max Miller Clinic. We think Max would have liked what we did. And we found plenty to appreciate about him — especially his sense of humor about national and cultural events!

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