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Chapman Center for Rural Studies


A collection of cartographic products produced to enhance the historic research of the Chapman Center. Data was taken from various sources including the U.S. Census Bureau, the National Historic GIS, Esri, and original research by Chapman Center interns and students.


Maps Tell the Stories:  Kansas History Through Cartography   
This collection of new and original maps reveals what skillful GIS mapping can do in enhancing collections of data and research. Undergraduate projects on rural crime, ethnic settlements, charitable institutions, and lost communities of Kansas are presented here through maps.
Manhattan Spur: Tracking the Far West Route of the Underground Railroad - Jessica Hermesch, 2015
The Chapman Center Rural Crime Map Project: Kansas Crime, 1890-1930 - Angela Schnee, 2013
Kansas Crime Project (Timeline) - Angela Schnee, 2013
Kansas Rural Crime, 1890-1930 (Graph) - Angela Schnee, 2013
Ghost Towns of Clay County, Kansas: Settlement Patterns of Clay County, Kansas, 1855 to 1960 - Angela Schnee, 2011
Chinese Laundries of Wichita - Angela Schnee, 2013
Chinese Population of Kansas in 1890 - Angela Schnee, 2013
The Chinese Laundries of Wichita, Kansas: A Portrait of an Immigrant Community on the Western Frontier 1880-1905 - Angela Schnee 2013
Early Charitable Institutions in Kansas - Angela Schnee and Janet Adam, 2013 
Bootlegging Occurrences in Pottawatomie County, Kansas - Angela Schnee and Aaron Melby, 2012 (not yet published)
Citation Guidelines
To cite one of our maps in this collection, please use the following as a model:
Historic Kansas Crimes
Schnee, Angela. Historic Kansas Crimes, 1890 to 1930. Chapman Center for Rural Studies Cartography Collection. <http://www.k-state.edu/history/chapman/cartography/CrimeMapProject_KansasCrime_1890-1930.pdf> (date accessed).