Welcome to the Kansas State Hillel


Hillel is the Jewish Student Organization at Kansas State University.  There are Hillel chapters all over the United States and the rest of the world.  Hillel is an opportunity to meet other Jewish students on campus and to socialize and practice your Judaism.

What does Hillel do?

Here at K-State our Hillel chapter meets every week to hang out.  We meet at Java in Aggieville at 9pm every Wednesday night to socialize, drink coffee, eat cookies and talk about anything on our minds.  We also have parties and special events throughout the year in honor of special holidays, or just to relax.  Sometimes we host Shabbat services at the Manhattan Jewish Congregation (this usually includes a pot luck dinner!).

Who can come to Hillel?

Obviously we are comprised mostly of Jews, but anyone else is welcome too.  Our group members include several people who are more religious, but also people who are not so much.  No matter what your degree of practice, you are always welcome.

How else can I practice my Judaism at Kansas State?

The Manhattan Jewish Congregation is the city of Manhattan’s temple.  It is located on Wreath Ave. and is composed of Jewish members of the city, Kansas State students, and anyone else in towns nearby that do not have a temple.  There are Shabbat services every Friday night at 7:30pm, services for High Holy days, other holiday services, Sunday school, Hebrew School, congregational dinners and other events such as the Purim carnival.  There is no resident rabbi so all services are led by a member of the congregation.  For those interested in a different setting than this, there is another temple in Topeka that does have a permanent rabbi (you can ask for more information about this). 

How do I join Hillel?

Just show up!  There aren’t any dues for Hillel; the only thing you have to pay for is your coffee if you want some.  Some members come every week, some come every once in a while.  All I suggest is that you show up and check us out.  If it’s your thing, come again and again!  There are not that many of us, but participation by current members is strong.  We are always looking for new faces!

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