PCR using Dynazyme Taq

When you want to PCR a fragment and you need the amplicon to be perfect. For example when building a construct, difficult or long PCR templates, or preparing something for sequencing.

Don’t use Dynazyme for any ‘normal’ PCR, just because your PCR isn’t working (try temperature gradient or magnesium gradient for that), for example SNIP SNP mapping or to test the presence of a mutation. Only when you need the product for sequencing, or for an injectable construct.

Dynazyme is a lot more expensive that Promega Taq, so don’t try it for the first time in 40 –50 ?l reactions, 10 or 20 ?l reactions work just as well.

General MIX

Buffer (Mg added) 2 µl  
Dynazyme 1 µl (units per µl might change with lot)
dNTPs 2 µl  
Primer F 0.5 µl  
Primer R 0.5 µl  
DNA 1 µl (optimize)
H2O to 20 µl  

The buffer is also supplied without Mg, with a separate vial of Mg, if you need to adjust the concentration.