Worm Decontamination with Clorox

  1. From a plate with plenty opf eggs, wash off with M9 into a conical tube.  Eggs may stick in bacterial lawn, so gently wipe plate with spatula to loosen. 
  2. Spin down (I use speed 4 on ancient centrifuge, for about one minute).  Resuspend in 2mls decontamination solution (see below).
  3. Let sit 6-10 minutes*, flicking the tube occasionally to break up worms.
  4. Pellet 4 minutes in centrifuge.
  5. Suspend in M9, pellet 1 minute.
  6. Remove supernatant, pipet eggs onto a plate with a Pasteur pipet.

Worm Decontamination Solution

5N NaOH                       0.2ml                  5ml                    20ml

Clorox                             0.4ml               10ml                    40ml

M9                                  1.4ml               35ml                    140ml

                                          2ml                50ml                    200ml