Requirements for K-State Plant Path Sequencing Facility

See specific instructions on the “On Campus Sequencing Form” found at the website, which includes which stock primers they provide.

General Guidelines:
Template type and amount needed for reaction:
ssDNA 0.25ug
ds plasmid 0.5ug (concentration = 0.25ug/ul)
PCR product 5ng/100 bases (concentration = 2.5ng/100 bases/ul)

Samples should be dissolved in ddH2O. Send enough samples so that they can be rerun if they don’t work initially.

Primer concentration = 5pmol/ul. Our stock solutions are 200pmol/ul, so to make 20ul at 5pmol/ul, add 0.5ul of stock solution to 19.5ul of ddH2O.

Label all tubes with 6 characters max.

Print out filled in sequencing form, get a requisition from the accounting office, and take those and your samples to the facility.