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Human Capital Services

Assessment Participation

The 2017 Professional Development Needs Assessment yielded a 28.30 percent completion rate from K-State employees representing 1,584 employee voices regarding professional development needs. Of those employees who participated, 10.48 percent were executive/administrative; 19.89 percent were faculty; 37.37 percent were unclassified staff; and 32.26 percent were university support staff.


Needs Assessment Timeline

  • Administer Survey

    March 2017

  • Analyze Results

    April to May 2017

  • Present Results
    Conduct Gap Analysis

    June 2017

  • Collect Feedback & 
    Set Programming Goals

    July to
    December 2017

  • Design and Pilot UNC Professionals Supervisory Program

    January to
    December 2018

  • Implement UNC Professionals Supervisory Program

    January to
    May 2019