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Human Capital Services

Position Analysis Questionnaire (PER-62)

Please note, reclassification of existing jobs has been suspended as of May 1, 2015. Because every position will be reviewed and analyzed during our compensation initiative, this suspension will allow HCS staff to focus on the project to ensure its success.

Fill out the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PER-62) (doc)

Employees must complete the Position Analysis Questionnaire listing the primary job duties performed, which they describe in their own words (not verbiage from the job description). The supervisor must confirm the information provided by the employee and may make additions or amendments to the information in the Position Questionnaire. Both the employee and his or her supervisor must sign the final version of the questionnaire acknowledging the accuracy of the information. Note: This form does not need to be completed if the position is vacant.

For Employee

This questionnaire has been developed to further define the duties and responsibilities of this position in order to determine the appropriateness of the position classification, essential functions and/or whether or not the position is exempt from overtime. This questionnaire is intended to supplement your Position Description. It may be followed up with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting to clarify facts and solicit additional information.

Please read the entire questionnaire, including the instructions, before attempting to complete any portion of it.

When answering the questions use the following guidelines:

  • Be objective and accurate in your answers. Consider your normal day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Describe the position as it is being performed today, not as it might be in the future or as you think it should be.
  • The questionnaire is designed to reflect many different types of positions. Therefore, answers may not be applicable in all cases or you may not require all of the space provided.

Please address all sections of the questionnaire and respond with “NA” where an answer is not applicable. After the questionnaire is completed, please give it to your supervisor for review.