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Human Capital Services

Mid Year Base Salary Increase Form (PER-46)

Fill out the Mid Year Base Salary Increase Form (pdf)

The Mid Year Base Salary Increase Form is used when giving a salary increase to any regular faculty and/or unclassified professional at any time throughout the year other than the normal contract renewal period. A new contract must accompany the PER-46 when it is submitted to the Division of Human Resources. Refer to the Instructions for Filling Out Unclassified Contracts, the Unclassified Employee Personnel Actions, Employment Contracts, PPM 4650 and Managing Employee Data, Contract Data for complete information about unclassified employee contracts.

The PER-46 form is not to be used for increases given during the annual budget cycle. The Unclassified Salary Increase for Fiscal Year process is automated. Those pay rate changes which occur during the annual budget process do not require a transaction be submitted to HCS.