9th Annual Midwest H.A.L.O.
Kansas State University - October 6th, 2015

Encuentro 2015

The Hispanic American Leadership Organization at Kansas State University would like to invite you to this unique event. The goal of the Encuentro is to provide an environment where students can learn about the unexpected challenges they may encounter during their collegiate years, and how others before have overcome those challenges and attained their educational goals. It is also an educational tool that assists in Latino student identity development.

Roy Juarez, advocate for youth across the nation was born and raised on the south side of San Antonio, TX, Juarez faced situations and obstacles that could have turned him into a negative statistic but he found a way to overcome those challenges. At the age of fourteen, Juarez was a high school drop-out and one of the hundreds of homeless youth on the streets of San Antonio. He carried with him only a duffle bag of personal items that he called a home. He moved from house to house to survive. Despite all that was working against him, he knew there was more to life which is why he never lost sight of his dreams!

Juarez’s story and work has gained national attention on outlets such as CNN and Chicken Soup for the Soul. In addition, it has been captured by many local and online publications. 

Encuentro 2015












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