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Girls Researching Our World

GROW Program
Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506

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Upcoming Events

Spring 2016 Saturday Workshops

Middle school students can now register to attend our Spring 2016 Saturday Workshops. Come prepared to learn, explore, and make new friends! Attendees will be split into groups and participate in hands-on activities led by K-State faculty, staff, and students. Each workshop has a specific theme, listed below. All activities demonstrate concepts and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math fields! 

All Together for Innovation - February 27, 2016


Innovations developed by scientists and engineers influence our lives in many ways, from medicine to technology to nutrition. At this workshop, you will explore how scientists and engineers create ideas and inventions that make our lives happier, healthier, safer, and easier! Registration deadline is February 15, 2016. Click here to register.

Feed the Future - April 9, 2016


Did you know that K-State's College of Agriculture is home to four Feed the Future Innovation Labs? Feed the Future Innovation Labs are a global collaboration among universities, industry, and nongovernmental organizations. Labs focus on improving the resiliency and production of food crop plants as well as preventing crop losses in key, grain-producing countries in an effort to end world hunger. At this workshop, you will explore how scientists and engineers from across the university work to end global hunger. Registration deadline is March 28, 2016. Click here to register. 

Summer 2016 Workshop - June 8-10, 2016

2015 Summer Camp

Save the date for our 3-day, 2-night summer workshop! The summer workshop does not have a specific theme and is intended to expose students to a variety of STEM disciplines, concepts, research areas, and careers.

Registration is not yet available for this event. More information will be released at a later time. Sign up for the GROW listserv to receive email notifications about this event and other announcements!