Institute for


Grassland Studies


The IGS collaborates with

KSU Division of Biology to host worldwide grassland experts for short visits, symposia, and seminars.

Dr. Nianpeng He is an ecosystem and soil ecologist at the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he manages the Laboratory of Quantitative Vegetation Ecology. He will be visiting K-State in April.

Dr. John Morgan is a plant community ecologist and lecturer at La Trobe University in Australia. His current research interests include the persistence of species and communities in heterogeneous, fragmented, and disturbed landscapes. Morgan will be visiting K-State in July.

Dr. Gareth Phoenix, at the University of Sheffield, UK, focuses his research primarily on the impacts of environmental change on vegetation and ecosystem processes (particularly nutrient cycling and fluxes) and on how these ecosystem processes are affected by plant community structure. Phoenix will be visiting K-State in September.

Konza Anniversary Symposia Speakers (Full bios are available on symposium website)

Dr. Gail Wilson

Dr. Tim O'Connor

Dr. Richard Hobbs

Dr. Sara Baer

Dr. Scott Collins

Dr. Shiqiang Wan

Dr. William Bond

Dr. Osvaldo Sala

Dr. Mendy Smith

Dr. Doug Frank

Dr. David Briske

Dr. Alan Knapp

Dr. Robert Scholes


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